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Blogosphere: India's BRT Example, Transpo Revenue Options, Trickle-Down Urbanism, Foreclosure Nightmare, Urban Camouflage

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Blogosphere: How Ahmedabad Got Public Transit Right

This Big City

For anyone stuck in one of India's interminable traffic jams, a bus rapid transit (BRT) system sounds like the answer to a prayer...

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Blogosphere: Would No Gas Tax Increase Investment

Urban Cincy

With user fees only covering approximately 51% of the costs to build and maintain roads, some are suggesting it's time to change the way we fund our transportation infrastructure...

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Blogosphere: The Revolving Door, TxDOT

DC Streetsblog

This edition of our Revolving Door series features TxDOT Director Phil Wilson, whose chief qualification for leading the $10 billion-a-year agency seems to be not his transportation or administrative expertise, but his cozy relationship with the governor...

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Blogosphere: If Pols Won't Raise Gas Tax, How to Fund?

This year, we've seen a range of new transportation revenue-raising proposals from Massachusetts, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, where governors are all pursuing options other than raising the gas tax...

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Blogosphere: Is Urbanism New Trickle Down Economics


The pejoratively named "trickle-down economics" was the idea that by giving tax breaks to the wealthy and big business, this would spur economic growth that would benefit those further down the ladder...

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Blogosphere: Did a Skyscraper Blow Up in Mexico City?

The Atlantic Cities

Fourteen people are dead, up to 100 injured and another 30 remain trapped beneath the rubble, after an explosion tore through the Mexico City headquarters of the state-owned Pemex oil company...

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Blogosphere: Patenting and Innovation in Metro America


From 1790 to 1853, the rate of invention was very low, as the U.S. economy was dominated by agriculture. Yet, patenting exploded in the Industrial Revolution starting in the mid 19th Century and lasting through the 1920s-a period characterized as the "golden age" of invention...

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Blogosphere: What Assets Should We Privatize?


The Wall Street Journal reported last week that New York has scrapped its plans to privatize parking meters. It's no secret that I've generally been a critic of long term privatization deals for on-street parking...

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Blogosphere: No Such Thing as "Low Income Housing"

Metro Trends Blog

Bad terminology can create bad policy. Nowhere is this more evident than in housing policy. The best example is the use of the term "low-income housing."..

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Blogosphere: Delaney Street Underground

Global Site Plans

In September 2012, New Yorkers were offered a first glimpse of what the Low Line will look like - New York City's newest subterranean park, designed by co-founders James Ramsey and Dan Barish...

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Blogosphere: London's Religious Concentrations

Adam Dennett

OK, I wasn't going to spend any more time on this, but as always once you get started with something like this, it's hard to put it down!..

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Blogosphere: Tregoning - Need to Take More Risks

Human Transit

Here's a very worthwhile three minutes of Washington DC Planning Director Harriet Tregoning on risk-taking and failure. Her discussion of Capital Bikeshare, which failed in its first incarnation and succeeded in its second, is an incisive challenge to the bureaucratic mind, and it's directly related to transit improvements...

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Blogosphere: African Cities with High Growth Potential

Urban Times

MasterCard have just released their African cities growth index, produced by Professor George Angelopulo of the University of South Africa and Professor George Roger of the University of Cape Town...

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Blogosphere: Capturing an American Nightmare

The Polis Blog

Over the past three years, photographer and filmmaker Eve Morgenstern has been working for the U.S. Federal Reserve to document homes lost during the foreclosure crisis...

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Commentary: LA's Affordable Housing Crunch

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles, a city where 63.1% of residents rent their homes, is in the midst of a crisis in rental housing...

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Commentary: Transit Plan Offers Direction for Growth

Minneapolis Star Tribune

A bold proposal on transit funding from Gov. Mark Dayton offers the potential to not only break a chronic legislative logjam, but also reduce traffic jams and make the metro area more economically competitive...

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Blogosphere: Urban Camouflage in Amsterdam

Price Tags

I'm off to Amsterdam in a week, so there will be (on return) a lot to post. But in preparation, here's an item from Good:..

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