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Blogosphere: Investing In Multipurpose Streets, Citywide Transport Planning, St. Louis TOD Market Study, Unburying Lexington Stream

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: Invest in Multipurpose Streets

LA Streetsblog

Municipal bond rates are at historic lows. A memo by two respected faculty members at the UCLA Anderson Forecast (available at Streetsblog, for some reason link to city website is broken) suggests the city take advantage of these low rates to fund a $3 billion program to resurface, rehabilitate, and reconstruct city streets...

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Blogosphere: DC Tries for Citywide Transport Planning

Greater Greater Washington

Today, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) took the cover off a new initiative called Move DC, a year-long process to build a comprehensive transportation plan...

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Blogosphere: Capping I-277 Not on To Do List

Plan Charlotte

The idea to put a roof on Interstate 277 tends to be what grabs people's attention, but that project is - if not back-burnered - far down on the Charlotte City Council's to-do list...

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Blogosphere: Tennessee Calls of $1.5B HWY Project

DC Streetsblog

Last week Tennessee DOT commissioner John Schroer took to the pages of the Memphis Commercial Appeal to explain his decision to halt construction of his state's portion of I-69. ..

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Blogosphere: Bottineau AA Shows Preferred Route

Golden Valley Patch

Faster travel time. More cost effective. Fewer traffic impacts. These are some of the D-1 alignment benefits outlined in a recently finished document that reviews Bottineau Transitway route alternatives...

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Blogosphere: St. Louis Metrolink TOD Market Study

Citizens for Modern Transit

East West Gateway Council of Governments has put forth a study on Transit Oriented Development as it relates to St. Louis MetroLink...

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Blogosphere: Lexington Ky Wants to Unbury Stream

Arch Paper

After a century of looking outward, cities large and small are experiencing a renewed interest in downtown, taking stock of what was lost and building on what resources remain...

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Blogosphere: Density Sweet Density

Joe Urban

Two weeks ago on The Daily Circuit, outgoing Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak reflected on his term and the future of the city. What caught my attention (and certinaly caught host Kerri Miller's and several callers) was Rybak's claim that we can add 150,000 people to the city in the next few years...

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Blogosphere: Naperville Opens Data on Spending

Next American City

With smaller budgets, municipalities across the country have had to find ways to save money. Cities like Stockton, Calif. and Harrisburg, Pa. have filed for bankruptcy, while others have laid off teachers, police officers and other city workers...

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Blogosphere: Demanding Walkable Communities

DC Streetsblog

If you've had your head stuck inside street design manuals or engineering guides - if you've been thinking at the level of the bulb-out or the bollard - I've got a present for you...

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Blogosphere: Beijing Drowning in Lake of Smog

The Atlantic Cities

Even from the remote reaches of space, you can almost feel your bronchial trees heaving and dying when looking at this view of China's enduring air pollution...

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Blogosphere: World's Biggest Pop Up City

The Atlantic Cities

The largest human gathering in the world is going on right now. Upwards of a million pilgrims have already gathered where the Ganges and Yamuna rivers allegedly meet a third, mythical river...

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Blogosphere: Five Stories of Inside the Book Thinking

Rebuilding Place in Urban Space

So you've heard of that brain teaser, about how to connect 9 dots organized as a square, with either three or four lines, without lifting your writing instrument from the paper. To succeed you have to write (and think) "outside the box."..

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