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Blogosphere: Mica Vs. Amtrak, Austin Cycling Rate, EmX BRT Fed OK, Charlotte Streetcar Funding, Defining BRT Success

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Blogosphere: Mica's New Post for Sniping at Amtrak

DC Streetsblog

Perhaps Rep. John Mica's most remarkable legacy as chair of the House Transportation Committee is the single-minded focus he gave to attacking Amtrak. Under the guise of wanting it to succeed, Mica has repeatedly excoriated it as a "Soviet-style monopoly" and a waste of taxpayer dollars...

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Blogosphere: Austin Cycling More, Reaches 2%

Burnt Orange Report

The City of Austin has reached an important milestone ahead of schedule. Austin's Bicycle and Urban Trails Program, which has a goal of getting 5% of Austin transit trips to be bicycle by the year 2020 also had an interim goal of 2% of trips by 2015...

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Editorial: EmX BRT Gets Fed Approval to Move Forward

Eugene Register Guard

The Federal Transit Administration's "FONSI" - Finding of No Significant Impact - is a turning point for the Lane Transit District's west Eugene EmX extension....

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Blogosphere: Why Funding Streetcar is Tough

Naked City Blog

Maybe this item's headline should be Yet Another Problem with Single-Use Zoning. There's been chatter among city policy types about finding some creative finance tools for Charlotte to use to build the second phase of what would ultimately be a Beatties Ford Road-West/East Trade Street-Hawthorne Avenue-Central Avenue streetcar route...

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Blogosphere: Thoughts on Zipcar/Avis Deal

Second Ave Sagas

As word of ZipCar's impending $500 million merger with the Avis Budget Group spread throughout the Internet on Wednesday morning, few knew what to make of the deal...

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Blogosphere: Defining Success for Indy BRT

Urban Indy

The study for Indianapolis' coming bus rapid transit (BRT) lines will commence early in 2013. These will be the first rapid transit lines designed from the Indy Connect regional transit plan. Urban Indy has reported on this previously and details can be obtained here and here and here...

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Blogosphere: Fiscal Cliff Offers Transit Tax Relief

Mobilizing the Region

The just-passed deal to avert the "fiscal cliff" contains an important provision that will provide hundreds of dollars in tax relief for many transit riders in the region...

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Commentary: Carbon Tax Needed for Transportation 

Seattle Times

We have a transportation problem. The governor’s Connecting Washington report identified a maintenance shortfall of almost $800 million per year over the next 10 years just to keep roads, bridges and ferries in safe working order.. ..

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Blogosphere: How Resolutions Can Make Cities Better

Huffington Post

At this time of year, most of us are thinking hard about New Year's resolutions to make our personal, family and professional lives better...

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Blogosphere: Crime Rises in the Suburbs, Falls in Cities

Better Cities and Towns

During the first decade of this century the US suburban homicide rate rose 16.9 percent while declining 16.7 percent in cities, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Overall, crime dropped sharply in the US from 2000-2010...

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Blogosphere: Reinventing the Brick

Urban Times

Researchers from Spain's University of Jaen, using waste material from paper mills, were able to develop a new method for making bricks, one of the most widely-used building materials around the globe...

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Blogosphere: Beware the Return of Rent Control

The Atlantic Cities

The U.S. rental housing market has come under increasing strain recently. As homeowners with unsustainable mortgages have to leave their homes and fewer home buyers are able to qualify for new mortgages, more people are looking for places to rent...

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Blogosphere: The Decline and fall of an Idealist

Walking Bostonian

As I mentioned before the holidays, I stumbled across The Power Broker in the library and was intrigued enough to pick it up after paging through it. It is an intimidatingly long book, but I discovered that Robert Caro is a master of assembling the historical details into a smoothly flowing narrative, with developing characters and a plot...

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