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Blogosphere: Paying For Charlotte Transit, War On Cars, WMATA Strategic Plan, Anti-Bike Media, Housing Voucher Impact

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Blogosphere: How to Pay for Future Charlotte Transit?

The Naked City

Mecklenburg's transit agency, the Metropolitan Transit Commission, is launching a study group to look at how to pay for future transit projects..

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Blogosphere: SF Brings Back Chinatown Parking Ban

Streetsblog SF

In San Francisco's Chinatown, removing car parking is great for business. Last year's week-long trial removal of parking on five blocks of Stockton Street was so popular, in fact, that Mayor Ed Lee announced today that the program would return for another week-long run...

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Blogosphere: Induced Demand in the 1930's

Walking Bostonian

Let's take another look through the many-faceted opus, The Power Broker. Anytime someone makes the excuse that "we need to widen the roads and build more parking..

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Blogosphere: Peace in the War on Cars?

Atlantic Cities

Can you still have a war if nobody wants to fight? A recent survey of attitudes toward bicycles in Seattle raises the question...

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Blogosphere: WMATA Wants Longer Trains, Tunnels

Greater Greater Washington

WMATA hopes to lengthen all its trains to 8 cars, add pedestrian connections at downtown stations, and maybe build new rail tunnels for the Blue and Yellow Lines in the region's core...

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Blogosphere: Less Funding, More Traffic

NRDC Switchboard

No two ways about it, America's transportation infrastructure is falling into disrepair and failing to keep up with the demands of our growing population...

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Blogosphere: Anti-Bike Media Frame Goes Way Back

Twin Cities Sidewalks

In 1869, a Yale student named Karl Kron fell in love with the new velocipede (a very early form of bicycle). He began riding it all through the city of New Haven, until an incident one afternoon on Dwight Street...

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Blogosphere: Clamoring for Gas, Transit Taxes

DC Streetsblog

Could a congestion pricing program work in the DC region? Maybe. But first, officials would need to get the public on board - no easy task...

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Blogosphere: What Will Be Torn Down in Big Plan

OKC Central

In my story about the master plan for the new MAPS 3 Core to Shore park, project architect Mary Margaret Jones confirmed what has long been suspected: all buildings on the site except for Union Station will be destroyed...

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Blogosphere: London's Brick Lane, Deliberately Casual

Urban Times

In between the skyscrapers of London's financial heart the City and the ethnically coloured streets of Whitechapel there is iconic and lively Brick Lane...

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Blogosphere: Do Vouchers Allow Moves to Good N'Hood

Metro Trends Blog

Hundreds of thousands of low-income Americans receive housing vouchers to help them afford a place to live. The Housing Choice Voucher Program subsidizes part of a household's rent (up to a designated cap) and lets families pick their neighborhood and housing type...

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Blogosphere: Urban Metabolism for Urban Century

Phys Org

Yale University's Journal of Industrial Ecology is pleased to announce a special issue on Sustainable Urban Systems that focuses on the integration of engineered infrastructures, people, and natural systems in the pursuit of environmentally sustainable cities...

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Blogosphere: New Mayor Shelves Massive Project

Next American City

Less than 30 days into his first term as mayor of São Paulo, Brazil, Fernando Haddad of the center-left Workers' Party has made good on one of his campaign promises:..

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Blogosphere: Mom Writes - Sorry State of N'Hood Design

Rethinking Childhood (via Faith C)

After my last blog post about German children having more everyday freedom than their English peers, Andrea - a German-born woman who now lives in the USA - got in touch to leave a comment...

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