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Blogosphere: Portland Bike Oriented Development, End Of Fed Highway Support, Accessing Academic Journals, Harvesting Rainwater, Building Better Civic Tech

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Blogosphere: Portland Retailers Swoop In on Bikeways

Green Lane Project

Urban commercial real estate has always been a rough-and-tumble scrum, and now has torn up the playbook. Across the country, many brick-and-mortar retailers are in big trouble...

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Blogosphere: Why Was State Street Ped Mall a Failure

Chicago Streetsblog

When I was a bicycle messenger in the early nineties, the State Street pedestrian mall, a car-free, bike-free zone between Wacker and Congress, was the bane of my existence...

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Blogosphere: Alternative to Double Decker Freeway

Urban Milwaukee

The parking lots at Miller Park could provide an alternative way to expand the freeway through the center of Milwaukee...

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Blogosphere: End of Federal Funding As We Know It

The Atlantic Cities

This month marks 120 years since the federal government got involved in funding road transportation...

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Blogosphere: What Does Peak VMT Mean for Twin Cities

Twin City Sidewalks

The idea of increasing VMT reminds me of one of my favorite bedtime books as a child, a Sesame Street Little Golden Book called "The Monster at the End of this Book."..

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Blogosphere: Steamship and Landline, Decline of Autos

The Atlantic Cities

This prediction sounds bold primarily for the fact that most of us don't think about technology - or the history of technology - in century-long increments: "We're probably closer to the end of the automobility era than we are to its beginning,"..

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Blogosphere: Larkspur Ferry, Already Enough Parking

The Greater Marin

There's no question that Larkspur Ferry has an access problem. If you drive, there's a vanishingly small chance you'll get a parking space after 8:30am...

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Blogosphere: Ecologies/Economy in Rurual/Urban Areas

The Nature of Cities

"A sustainable city is one which contributes to sustainable development, and to do this it must have a high level of urbanization. (...) Without urbanization, it's nearly impossible to have important development and growth in the economy"...

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Blogosphere: Discrimination, Racism, I-5, N Portland

Transit Sleuth

Take just a minute and look at this picture. Thing about what facts you can clearly observe from this picture...

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Blogosphere: It's Time Academic Journals Came Out

Crikey Urbanist

Universities like to promote new research by their academics in the popular media, but don't do nearly enough to make the research itself accessible for timely analysis by those outside the academy...

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Blogosphere: Harvesting Rainwater in the UK

Global Site Plans

The UK is a rich western country with a population of 60 million. Average water use is 150 litres per person per day (55m3 per person per year)...

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Blogosphere: Three Rules for Building Better Civic Tech

Living Cities

As part of the Open Technology Institute's partnership with the federal government's Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) in Philadelphia and Detroit, our team at the Open Technology Institute (OTI) has learned the importance of involving communities in developing tech solutions...

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Blogosphere: Cities Have a Metabolism


The recent John E. Woltz Symposium at the University of Virginia (UVA) School of Architecture, asked faculty, students, and eight invited panelists to consider "urban metabolism" as a mix of socio-ecological flows, structures, and processes...

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Blogosphere: Housing Supply Isn't 4 Letter Word  

Seattle's Land Use Code

Something amazing is happening in the discussion about housing and affordability in Seattle: people are starting to talk about how building more housing can lower housing prices...

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Blogosphere: Embracing the Autocatalytic City

Atlantic Cities

We are living on an urban planet; our cities are growing at spectacular rates. This growth has created new energy and excitement..

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Blogosphere: Needs More Small, Affordable Homes

The Stranger

When I moved to Seattle in 1989, I was 22. My first apartment was a studio on Capitol Hill at Malden Avenue East and East Mercer Street...

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Blogosphere: Re-inventing Microhousing

Neiman Architects (via @drgrist)

As urban living has become increasingly desirable and as urban rents have continued to rise, micro-housing has cropped up in cities all across the country...

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