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Blogosphere: POTUS Plan Lacks Transit, Making City Walkable, Streetcars Vs. Buses, Buying American Buses & Jobs, Cleveland TOD

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Blogosphere: Why Are School Buses Yellow?

New York Times Cityroom (via @mikelydon)

A question came to mind as school bus drivers prepared to start their engines on Wednesday on 7,700 public-school routes in New York City and end their monthlong strike: Why are most school buses yellow?..

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Blogosphere: POTUS' Infrastructure Plan, Lack Transit

Next City (via @ttpolitic)

President Obama today unveiled an infrastructure spending plan that calls for focusing on urgent upgrades and repairs while expediting projects via public-private cooperation and cutting red tape...

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Blogosphere: Making City More Walkable is Not Zoning

DC Streetsblog

In last week's Washington Post, Roger K. Lewis, an architect and professor at the University of Maryland, wrote an intriguing column suggesting that it's time for a big rethink of the concept of zoning, which he says is a relic of the early 20th century:..

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Blogosphere: Problems Distract from Streetcar Value

City Beat

I've been a longtime supporter of the streetcar project, but I have to admit I'm a bit worried after finding out the streetcar might be delayed once again because construction bids for the project were way over budget...

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Blogosphere: Mobile Batter Problem Solved in 1908

Human Transit

[Thomas Edison] has so far perfected his storage battery that it will live long enough to stand charges to carry a truck over fifty thousand miles...

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Blogosphere: Streetcars More Flexible About Capacity

Greater Greater Washington

Streetcars and buses have different strengths and weaknesses, and are better at accomplishing different goals. Flexibility is often touted as a major strength of buses...

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Blogosphere: Buying American Buses Creates US Jobs

Huffington Post

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (aka L.A. Metro) needed new, clean buses. If L.A. Metro had simply followed current buying protocol, its single focus would have been on finding a company to deliver the lowest-cost buses...

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Blogosphere: Poor Rural Communities Market for Solar?

Tree Hugger

I've written before about how solar is a life saver in poor rural communities. Contrary to popular misconceptions in richer nations, however, this is not simply about charity...

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Blogosphere: Is It Over for Green Design?

Dezeen (via @aarieff)

Tech has killed green. Until recently the design world was on a mission to save the planet; now it seems enthralled by gadgets...

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Blogosphere: On Compost

Net Density

The thing that really caught my attention was a report on the results of a series of student dumpster dives around campus. After collecting and sorting all the garbage, they found that about three-quarters of Duke's so-called non-recyclable trash destined for area landfills was compostable...

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Blogosphere: DC Wants to be Greenest City


At the Old Capitol Pump House, a restored building along the Anacostia River, Washington, D.C. Mayor Vincent Grey announced the launch of the long-awaited Sustainable D.C. plan...

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Blogosphere: TOD in Cleveland's Urban Core

CEOs for Cities

As Cleveland's inner city population has yet to stabilize, despite a massive influx of young professionals, the city has turned to transit as a promising fix for the city's problems...

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Blogosphere: The Role of Psychiatrist in the City


Let's face it, large cities and urban areas can be pretty crazy places at times. So many people to deal with on a daily basis, so much noise, so much traffic, and so much general stress...

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Blogosphere: Boston City Services Truck Resourceful 

Next City

"We need to find new ways of channeling the world's resources in ways that are smarter, more efficient and ultimately more meaningful," Next City Executive Director Diana Lind said Tuesday night at a symposium hosted by the University of the Arts in Philadelphia...

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Blogosphere: Chicago's Changing Racial Demographics


The Huffington Post pointed me at this graphic below, which shows how the racial makeup of Chicago's community areas changed between 1910 and 2000...

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Blogosphere: Data Sources Tell of Declining Mobility

Housing Perspectives

The Census Bureau recently released its usual extensive Current Population Survey (CPS)-based package of tables on geographic mobility for 2011-12...

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Blogosphere: China to Tax Carbon

Per Square Mile

If it pans out, China's carbon tax could be monumental. The top rate of $8 per tonne is still shy of what some experts I've spoke with think is an appropriate rate, at least for the U.S...

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Blogosphere: Haussmann's Renovation of Paris

Urban Times

Paris, one of the global capital hubs of the world, has been through tremendous transformation throughout history. The city has withstood poverty, disease, underdevelopment, deindustrialisation, criticism and many hardships throughout 19th Century...

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Blogosphere: Dallas Looking for Olympics

Walkable DFW

As you know, because you may live in Dallas or otherwise, Dallas is pursuing an Olympic bid for 2024...

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Blogosphere: MIT to Collaborate on AIA Public Health

PR Newswire

To address the urgent need for solutions to ongoing urban challenges, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Center for Advanced Urbanism today announced a new research collaboration focused on how design can improve the health of urban communities...

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Blogosphere: Bioconcrete Uses Bacteria to Heal Itself

This Big City

No product evokes a sense of solidity and sturdiness the way concrete does. However, the tiniest of cracks in an otherwise colossal slab will inevitably lead to structural degradation, leakages and costly repairs...

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Blogosphere: James Rojas - Shut Down the Powerpoint

Next City

"Commercial corridors are always in a state of flux," Inga Saffron of the Philadelphia Inquirer told a crowd of assembled urbanites on Saturday. She needn't have...

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Blogosphere: The Homogenization of San Francisco

The Bold Italic

It hit me while watching that viral video of local stereotypes, "Shit San Franciscans Say," that there's currently a great divide between the ideas and values of new and old-school SF...

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