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Blogosphere: Reforming CEQA, Falling Private Car Use, Protected Bike Lanes, Water & Cities, Healthy Community Designs, Zoning As Hero & Villain

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Blogosphere: 66% Of Fillup Goes to Oil Company Coffers

Wired Autopia

That new car you just bought? You'll spend almost as much - if not more - filling it up as you paid at the dealer. And the majority of it will go directly into oil company's pockets...

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Blogosphere: What Would Ideal CEQA Reform Look Like


There's been a lot of discussion in recent weeks about various proposals to reform the California Environmental Quality Act. But the most interesting proposals are those that have been around the longest...

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Blogosphere: Where Cycling Grew in London

Drawing Rings Around the World

A couple of weeks ago I posted a map showing the mix of commuting modes by ward in London from the 2011 Census, and this week I'd like to focus on the change in cycling levels since 2001...

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Commentary: Fiscally Conservative Transit for Indy

Indianapolis Star

Critics of a proposed mass transit system in Central Indiana have described it as a potential boondoggle and a white elephant. Advocates use another description: fiscally conservative...

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Blogosphere: Acknowledge Falling Private Car Use

New Geography

The prospect of falling car use now needs to be firmly factored into planning for western cities. That may come as a bit of a surprise in light of the preoccupation with city plans that aim to get people out of their cars, but it is already happening...

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Blogosphere: How Cities Transition to Protected Lanes

SF Streetsblog

Of all her trips pedaling around during her San Francisco visit, one of Martha Roskowski's most harrowing was the stretch between the SFMTA building at Market Street and Van Ness Avenue to a venue at Folsom and Second Streets..

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Blogosphere: Canadian Funding Model, Less Feds

Getting from Here to There

Transport planning and policy in the United States is dominated by the federal gas tax. Currently 18.6 cents per gallon of gas and 24.6 cents per gallon of diesel, federal gas taxes are used to guide preferred transport investment across the country...

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Blogosphere: Shuster Pre-Empts Devolutionists

DC Streetsblog

New House Transportation Committee Chair Bill Shuster (R-PA) clearly knows he's got some devolutionist conservatives in his caucus (and on his committee)...

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Blogosphere: Water and the American City

The Nature of Cities

Out in the no longer so Wild West of America, a war is brewing. At the fringes of the great southwestern deserts, in the shadows of the high Sierra Nevada mountains, lies the great Central Valley of California, a primary battleground for this war - a war over water...

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Blogosphere: Uneven Development of Planned Cities

The Polis Blog

The city of Brasilia took shape on a relatively isolated plot of open land in 1956, becoming the capital of Brazil in 1960...

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Blogosphere: Does Your Community Make You Healthy  

Streetsblog DC

Is your neighborhood designed to make people healthy or sick? With the right characteristics, the place where you live could add years to your life...

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Blogosphere: Time to Talk About Water Infrastructure

Huffington Post

Water is as fundamental to the health and well-being of our economy as it is essential to human life. The worst drought in half a century has impacted more than half the continental United States. In Texas, dire drought conditions caused close to $8 billion in agricultural damages in 2011...

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Blogosphere: Zoning as Hero and Villain

Global Site Plans

Prior to the twentieth century and the rise of the automobile, American cities formed practically; they formed according to convenience, access, and reason...

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Blogosphere: Child Poverty Worse in Small Metros

Metro Trends Blog

If you were to spend a day in McAllen, Texas, every other child you saw would be living in poverty. The McAllen metropolitan area's child poverty rate is an astounding 47 percent-and unfortunately, it is not alone in having a troublingly high rate of poverty...

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Blogosphere: China Fast Approaching Urban Disaster

The Atlantic Cities

It's the biggest migration in human history: China's population is moving to cities so fast that by 2030, roughly one in eight people on this earth will be a resident of a Chinese city...

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Blogosphere: Community and the Science of Loneliness

Place Makers

On my last trip to see my aging parents, I was struck again by the loneliness that comes from diminished connections. They are both inspiring people, and in their younger years were notably adept at making connections with and for others...

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