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Blogosphere: Revolutionizing Transit, FTA Funding Cuts, Mexico City's Commuter Paradise, Tucson Streetcar View, Terrifying Maintenance Backlog

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: How to Revolutionize City's Transit System

CNU Salons

How does a city go from a bus-only transit system to a multi-modal network in a decade? Despite early setbacks, metropolitan Orlando is well on its way to getting connected. In the next few years, public and private projects - mostly on existing rails - will shape the way Central Floridians get around...

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Blogosphere: A Triumph of Marketing Over Rider Benefit

Portland Transport

In the recent barrage of emails and press releases from TriMet regarding construction activities for Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail, I have noticed a shift in marketing for the line...

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Blogosphere: FTA Grapples with Funding Cuts

DC Streetsblog

After fighting to maintain reasonable funding levels in the transportation bill - and for the inclusion of dedicated transit funding in the first place - the Federal Transit Administration now finds itself up against almost certain funding cuts that imperil rail and bus expansion projects, as well as the agency's own staffing...

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Blogosphere: Mexico City - Commuter Hell to Paradise


Mexico City's emergence as a "commuter's paradise" due to a focus on people and places, rather than cars and driving, has earned the city this year's Sustainable Transport Award from the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP)...

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Editorial: Looking at the Streetcar All Wrong

Inside Tucson Business

A radio talk show host and his guest were talking on air the other day about the boondoggle they saw in Sun Link, the $196.8 million modern streetcar line under construction that will travel a 3.9 mile route from the University of Arizona Medical Center past the UA campus...

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Blogosphere: SF Explores Removing 280 for HSR

California HSR Blog

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and his administration have been working on a proposal that would reshape transportation routes in Mission Bay...

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Blogosphere: Red Line FEIS Forcast Results Failure

Baltimore Innerspace

Astonishingly, the MTA's gargantuan Red Line Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) provides virtually no justification for the multi-billion dollar project - despite or perhaps because of being based on almost totally revamped population and ridership data from what was used to reject all other alternatives...

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Blogosphere: Seattle's Terrifying Maintenance Backlog

Seattle Transit Blog

A reader sent in this recent presentation from SDOT's Bridge Maintenance Program, and it's pretty grim reading if you care about the quality and serviceability of Seattle's streets and bridges...

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Blogosphere: Infrastructure, Timetables, Rolling Stock

Pedestrian Observations

In the last month, Amtrak decided not to purchase additional Acela cars, but instead replace the Acela fleet ahead of time, and try to buy trains that aren't compliant with FRA regulations...

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Blogosphere: O'Toole vs the Tax Foundation

Cato at Liberty (via @marketurbanism)

On Thursday, January 17, the Tax Foundation (TF) issued a paper arguing that only 32 percent of state and local highway costs were paid out of user fees, while the remaining costs came from "general funds."..

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Blogosphere: Building Homes for People, Not Cars

Walking Bostonian

A developer has proposed an interesting concept for an apartment on 37 North Beacon Street in Allston. The land area is approximately 18,000 square feet and is currently a used car lot and a single family home...

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Blogosphere: Strategic Case for Transit in Indy


Andrea Neal had a column in the Indianapolis Star last week called "Mass transit just isn't a good fit for Indy." This piece argues, basically, that because Indianapolis is low density, transit won't work there...

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Blogosphere: Is Urban Graffiti Vandalism or Lifeblood?

Urban Times

Walking up London's South Bank to Leake Street, you'd be forgiven for feeling uneasy among the forbidding concrete and hooded individuals milling around...

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Blogosphere: Innovations to Watch


For the second year in a row, the Brookings-Rockefeller Project on State and Metropolitan Innovation identified the Top 10 State and Metropolitan Innovations to Watch-actions undertaken by states and metropolitan areas in 2012 that seem ripe for meaningful impact in 2013 and beyond, as well as for replication by other communities...

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Blogosphere: LEED Can be So Embarrassing

NRDC Switchboard

As most readers are likely to know, "LEED" (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a voluntary set of standards for judging and certifying green buildings...

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Blogosphere: Economic Future of British Cities

Spacial Economics Research Center

The starting point for the lecture was the recent performance of British cities. I think it's easy to forget that growth in our cities in the last 15-20 years represented a significant turn around from what we had seen in the period following the second world war...

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Blogosphere: Community, Tourism, and UNESCO

Urban Times

The advantage of living in a big city rubbed off the other day in the talk given at India International Centre by Peeyush Sekhsaria on the Mud Mosque of Djenné...

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Blogosphere: Purusing the Green Light of Urbanism

My Urbanist

In order to reckon with today's urbanism, I suggest challenging your dreams and, like The Great Gatsby, the American Dream itself...

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Blogosphere: Infill Survives CEQA Challenge More

California Planning and Development Report

Two weeks ago, CP&DR reported on a study by the law firm of Holland & Knight that broke down 95 legal challenges to projects under the California Environmental Quality Act over the past 15 years...

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Blogosphere: Property Tax Deductions Unfair to Renters

Better Institutions

This is a fairly minor follow-up to the post I wrote a few months ago about the pointlessness of the mortgage interest tax deduction. This is about the property tax deduction...

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Blogosphere: Conservation Easements Considered

Boulder Daily Camera

Boulder County would pay $750,000 to restrict any future development on 81 acres of privately owned irrigated farm land north of Longmont, under a proposal up for consideration by the county's Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee on Thursday night. ..

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