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Blogosphere: Sequestration, Washington Transpo Tax, Virginia Transpo Bill, Death Of American Mall, When Cheaper Isn't Better, Rental Housing Shortage

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Blogosphere: What If a City Wants More Transit?

Human Transit

Large North American transit agencies generally have some revenue raising authority over an enormous and diverse urban area, and feel obliged to serve the same enormous area with something that can be justified as an "equitable" distribution of service...

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Blogosphere: Sequestration, Can Congress Find Solution

DC Streetsblog

Welcome to Sequestration Week. Congress has until Friday to strike a deal that would avoid a set of dreaded automatic budget cuts...

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Blogosphere: It's Not Just the Bike Tax Terrible

Seattle Transit Blog

Now that House Transportation chair Judy Clibborn has proposed a statewide transportation package, much of the local reporting has been focused on the fact that it includes a tax on bicycle sales...

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Blogosphere: Munich, City of Short Trips


Munich's quality of life is rated among the highest of all European cities. With its vibrant streets and squares, diverse neighbourhoods, re-naturalised riverbanks and one of the world's largest city parks, but Munich is growing and hence facing new challenges...

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Blogosphere: Follow the Money in VA Transpo Bill

Greater Greater Washington

Virginia's complex transportation funding bill, HB2313, is headed to Governor McDonnell for his signature and potential amendments...

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Blogosphere: Death of the American Mall

The International

All across suburban America, hundreds of shopping malls have become vacant and indebted hulks. Demographics and economics, from the decline of the city fringe to the rise of online shopping, has finished them off...

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Blogosphere: The City That Never Was

Architect's Newspaper

Described as "crime scene photos," stark images of Spain's housing bubble landscapes depict a grim reality. But instead of a somber discourse on the evils of political corruption and real estate speculation...

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Blogosphere: When Cheaper Isn't Better

Governing Magazine

In 2010, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement needed a new air-conditioning chiller unit for its headquarters building in Tallahassee...

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Blogosphere: US Doesn't Have Enough Rental Housing

Atlantic Cities

The Census Bureau says there are about 41 million renter households in the United States, a group making up about 35 percent of the country...

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Blogosphere: China's Environmental Challenge

At Lincoln House

When it comes to the environment, China is powerhouse -- both in terms of pollution, and policy responses. Environmental problems largely driven by rapid urbanization and economic growth are being addressed in a variety of innovative ways...

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Blogosphere: Public Sector Mistake in BC Urbanism

Price Tags

When asked for an opinion, in The Province article below, as to what Kelowna should do, I suggested "focus on increasing transit and public infrastructure investment downtown."..

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Blogosphere: Visualizing Global Pandemics

The Atlantic Cities

Five hundred years ago, the spread of disease was largely constrained by the main mode of transportation of the time: people traveling on foot...

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Blogosphere: Zoning Matters for Urban Crime

Better! Cities and Towns

A study of 205 blocks in high-crime areas of Los Angeles suggests that increasing residential zoning in blocks that are otherwise zoned for commercial can reduce crime...

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Blogosphere: Heavy Hand of Demographic Change


As I continue to wrestle with the future of cities and urban neighborhoods, and about how to go about reversing the decline that seems to face so many of them, I find myself increasingly concerned about how the future of our cities and their neighborhoods will be affected by the demographic changes that are going on in the United States...

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