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Blogosphere: SF Transit Fund Priorities, Transit Economic Benefits, Minneapolis Biking Numbers, Downtown Life & Death

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Commentary: SF Must Prioritize Public Transit Funds

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco fancies itself a transit-first city. We encourage people to give up their cars. We reduce parking...

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Blogosphere: Economic Benefits of Transit

Citizens for Modern Transit

One item should be top priority for any employer and the region: Transit. You may not ride transit, you may not know anyone who uses the bus or MetroLink; however, Missouri needs transit...

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Commentary: The Expensive Amtrak Fantasy

Washington Post

There is something about Amtrak - perhaps the romance of railroads or the promise of relieving traffic congestion and economizing on oil and greenhouse-gas emissions - that causes otherwise sensible people to lose contact with reality...

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Blogosphere: SF Supe Calls for Full Scale Bike Share

SF Streetsblog

While San Franciscans eagerly await the repeatedly-delayed launch of the Bay Area's small-scale bike-share pilot program, which has now been downsized to a minuscule 700 bikes...

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Blogosphere: Uptick in Minneapolis Bicycling Numbers

Twin City Sidewalks

Call me a nerd, but I was excited to pore through the Minneapolis Bike Count Data released last week...

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Blogosphere: LaHood Announces Bike Safety Summits

DC Streetsblog

n 2010, DOT Secretary Ray LaHood mounted a table at the National Bike Summit and proclaimed, "I've been all over America, and...people want alternatives...

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Blogosphere: Urban Airports, Too Far or Too Close?

Global Site Plans

Like many global cities, Buenos Aires has more than one airport serving the transportation needs of its citizens...

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Blogosphere: The Draw of Vacant Sites in the US/EU

Urban Times

Recently a new iPhone app called 'Abandoned' got a lot of media coverage. Generally the topic of abandoned places seems to hold firmly to a certain cachet of cool - these spaces leave much room for speculation, exploration and arty adventures...

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Blogosphere: An Urban Plan Nursery Wanted

Urban Review St. Louis

In the first months of this blog, three years before I moved downtown, I posted about what Washington Avenue was missing...

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Blogosphere: Urban Ag Feeding Cities of the World

Next City

Marielle Dubbeling has helped more than 20 cities around the world develop urban agriculture programs and policies to improve food security...

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Blogosphere: HUD Grant Promotes Common Vision

Smart Growth America

Albemarle County, Virginia has a rich mix of landscapes, institutions, and historic sites. Along with the many farms that lie within its borders, Albemarle is also the home to the City of Charlottesville...

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Blogosphere: Proof People Want to Live in Downtown

Stockton City Limits

Entering the University Plaza Waterfront Hotel on a Friday evening, it's hard to imagine that this downtown project was once considered a flop...

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Blogosphere: What Killed Downtown?


For those of us who have grown dyspeptic on the over-indulged topic of the collapse of the American city center, Michael Tolle's What Killed Downtown? Norristown, Pennsylvania, from Main Street to the Malls earns much of its anodyne appeal by straying from a commonly accepted convention in urban studies..

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Blogosphere: Senior Selloff Could Start Housing Crisis

The Atlantic Cities

Demographers often describe the baby boom generation as if it were an indigestible mammal - maybe a pig, or a rabbit, or a really big rat - slowly moving through the python that is America's population...

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Blogosphere: Sim City's Multiplayer Blues

The Atlantic Cities

Great cities aren't born in the lonely light of the elbow lamp, but in a series of bureaucratic deals: trade-offs between neighbors and politicians, partnerships public and private, negotiations of transit and trade...

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Blogosphere: Allan Kotin Simplifies Transit Adjacent Dev

Planning Report

Good afternoon. I'm not a legislator. I'm a real estate economist, and I've been professionally engaged with TOD's for roughly 30 years, specialized in PPJV'S-public/private joint ventures between government and private real estate development. ..

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Blogosphere: Poor N'Hoods Underserved by Services


Poorer neighborhoods in Los Angeles County have less access than other local communities to nonprofit organizations that provide shelter, food, job training, alcohol and substance abuse counseling, and other basic services, according to a new study released by the Center for Civil Society at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs...

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