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Blogosphere: 'Socialist' LRT, Twin Cities Accessibility Measures, Business Miss BRT Benefits, Fed Transpo Funding Role

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Commentary: About that 'Socialist' Light Rail Line


Let's assume that Portland State University economist Tom Potiowsky was swinging for the fence when he took a swing at light-rail opponents at Thursday's Economic Forecast Breakfast, sponsored by The Columbian...

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Blogosphere: Twin Cities Accessibility Measure Out


This report summarizes previous phases of the Access to Destinations project and applies the techniques developed over the course of the project to conduct an evaluation of accessibility in the Twin Cities metropolitan region for 2010...

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Blogosphere: Economic Benefit Analysis Are Narrow


The main purpose of any transportation project is to help people get to where they want to go. Cost should be a subsidiary factor in the planning of any transportation project...

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Blogosphere: Businesses Fail to See BRT Benefits  

Streetsblog Chicago

The proposal by the CTA and Chicago Department of Transportation to create Bus Rapid Transit corridors along Ashland and Western Avenues promises to speed bus trips for tens of thousands of Chicagoans and spur development...

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Blogosphere: Federal Role in Transportation Funding

The Transport Politic

The issue of how or even whether Washington should be involved in the funding of American transportation programs has been of concern for decades...

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Blogosphere: When Will the US Build Another Subway?


This year marks the 150th anniversary the world's first subway, which opened in London in January 1863. Officially called the Underground, most Londoners refer to it as the Tube...

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Blogosphere: Should We End Fed Transport Program?


Reihan Salam at NRO on Ending the Federal Surface-Transportation Program Might Be Crazy in a Good Way :..

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Blogosphere: Transpo Spending for Biking/Walking

Salt Lake Tribune

International transportation expert Michael Ronkin recently addressed the issue of how much of our transportation budget should be spent on active transportation (biking and walking)...

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Blogosphere: Replacing Industry with Eco Housing

The Polis Blog

Hammarby Sjöstad is a large residential development in Stockholm with an innovative urban design and sustainability program. Since 1995, the municipal government has transformed a 200-hectare industrial site on Hammarby Lake into a neighborhood..

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Blogosphere: Density, the Limitations of Zoning

City Block

A few days ago, Charles Marohn posted "It's so much more than density" on his Strong Towns blog. In it, Charles pushes back against the idea that density is good, arguing that the reality of great places is more complex...

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Blogosphere: Year in the Life of a Helsinki Street

This Big City

The beginning of a new year is traditionally the time for introspection and looking back on the year that was...

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Blogosphere: What's Behind Rise of Diabetes in Philly?

The Atlantic Cities

Cities has written before about the growing body of evidence connecting the shape of communities with the health of people who live there, particularly when it comes to explaining the rising epidemic of diabetes...

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Blogosphere: OK City Mayor Building Cities for People

DC Streetsblog

In 2008 Mick Cornett, the Republican mayor of Oklahoma City - ranked as one of the fattest cities in the country - stood in front of the elephants at the zoo and announced he was going on a diet, and taking the rest of the city with him...

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Blogosphere: Do We Need Cul-De-Sacs?

Urban Times

The cul-de-sacs are dead end streets which used to be prominent for many generations in suburban cities and still continue to exist in some of the suburbs around the world. The cul-de-sac is usually circular in nature and provides a two way entrance in and out of the specific area...

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Blogosphere: How to Get More Aff Housing Capital

NHC Open House

As those of us in the housing world know well, the Housing Credit is the primary federal program that develops and preserves affordable rental housing...

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Blogosphere: Saving the Urban Canopy

Next American City

Adequate amounts of lightly compacted, good-quality soil are essential to healthy tree growth. Nowhere are these conditions more challenging than in urban areas dominated by streets, sidewalks, buildings and parking lots...

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Commentary: Houston Needs Sustainability Plan

Houston Chronicle

The city of Houston is working on several independent planning processes that feel like Band-Aid fixes to big issues that should be contained in a more comprehensive general plan for the city's future...

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Vancouver: Developing Six Cities at Once

Vancouver Sun

By 2040, the city's population is expected to match Vancouver's. Over the next eight weeks, the sun examines how Surrey is managing its rapid growth...

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