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Blogosphere: Sunbelt Congestion Taxes, Shorter Blocks & Traffic, Revised FTA Funding Rules, Megabus & Resurgent Downtowns

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Blogosphere: On Congestion Taxes and the Sun Belt

Walkable DFW

Congestion taxes are the latest in a long line of magic bullets proposed to solve all city problems. One of the clear differences between congestion taxes and other oft-cited magic bullets (stadiums, convention centers, starchitectural public monuments, casinos, etc), is that there are actually clear, demonstrable examples of success around the world...

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Blogosphere: Sacramento Gets FTA Grant for LRT  

DOT Fastlane

It's a new year, but at DOT we're picking up right where 2012 ended--by acting on our commitment to expand transportation choices...

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Blogosphere: Shorter Blocks Key to Cutting Traffic?

DC Streetsblog

It's well-established that density and mixed-use development reduce driving. Right? But strategies like those don't work the same way everywhere, according to new research published in the Journal of Transport and Land Use...

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Blogosphere: Are Chinese Giving Up on Motordom?

Price Tags

There's an important story here: the one being told, and the one implied. Bloomberg yesterday reported that China to Boost Urban Transport as City Congestion Worsens:..

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Blogosphere: FTA Opens Door for More Transit Funding

Streetsblog DC

One of the most important federal transit programs has undergone a makeover, and transit advocates are cheering the results...

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Blogosphere: Why Does the Red Line Stop?

The Transportationist

Why does the Red Line Freeway BRT along Cedar Avenue/Mn 77 not continue beyond Mall of America on 77 and 62 to interline with the Orange Line on I-35W to downtown Minneapolis?..

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Blogosphere: Megabus and Resurgence of Downtowns

Chicago Magazine

I used to take buses a lot: Vegas to Chicago and back, Chicago to Virginia, a long couple-weeks loop from Virginia to Chicago to several northeastern cities, Chicago to Atlanta. But I haven't been on a bus in a few years, because of my uniquely bad luck with fellow passengers...

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Blogosphere: Leaked Settlement Shows Green-Mailing

LA Curbed (via Planetizen)

A few years ago, a developer had a plan to put up roughly 100 condos at Melrose and Larchmont, but the development was challenged by local homeowners' group La Mirada Avenue Neighborhood Association...

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Blogosphere: 'My Brooklyn' Tells Gentrification Story

Atlantic Cities

The word 'zoning' may be one of the least sexy in the urban planner's vocabulary, usually eliciting polite but blank stares from members of the general public. Even the sound of it is snooze-inducing...

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Blogosphere: Tehran Air Pollution Killing Thousands

Atlantic Cities

On Sunday, an adviseor to Iran's health minister made a grizzly announcement on state television. In the last year alone, air pollution in Tehran left 4,460 dead, and the problem's getting worse...

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Blogosphere: Why Hyperlocal Won't Save Newspapers

Per Square Mile

Newspapers are in a tight spot. Advertising revenues have been declining for 11 years straight, and classified ads have all but vanished in the face of Craigslist and eBay. The move online hasn't been smooth for them, either...

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Blogosphere: The New Architectural Humanism

Metropolis Magazine

In a study he calls The Origins of Architectural Pleasure, architecture professor Grant Hildebrand analyzes how specific responses to architecture, including aesthetic experience, could well have originated in evolved behavior...

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Blogosphere: Portrait of a Slum Raises Corruptions Qs

The Polis Blog

Last month, Katherine Boo won the National Book Award for "Behind the Beautiful Forevers," a chronicle of life in an Indian slum based on several years of in-depth reporting...

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Blogosphere: Bangalore's Water Mafia Booming

Next American City

Thanks to the IT industry, the neighborhood of Whitefield, on the fringe of Bangalore, India, went from being a nearly rural community to a sprawling edge city in a mere two decades...

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Blogosphere: Hamburg's Post Creative City 

Urban Times

Over the last 10 years Hamburg has become the setting for an intense debate around urban policy and creative cities. Some experts, including creative class 'creator' Richard Florida, even suggest that the case of Hamburg could constitute a new model for socially sustainable creative cities...

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Blogosphere: Reflections on Suburbanization

Financial Network (Translated in Google)

Modern urban planning ideas originated in Europe, expand tide of the practice of urban planning in the 19th century after reflection against urbanization, open since the industrial revolution, and one way to dismantle the site of massive construction projects, a typical example of that alterations in Paris; another expansion to the suburbs, his masterpiece is Englishman Howard's garden city thinking...

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Blogosphere: Does Zoning Matter in LA, No Says Planner


The Laws That Shaped LA column celebrates its one-year anniversary this week. The column has been incredibly fortunate during its first spin around the sun to be read by such a savvy, sophisticated, knowledgeable -- and when I screw up, forgiving and educating =- group of people...

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