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Blogosphere: Taxes and Urban Mobility, Amtrak & FRA Rules, Avis Buys Zipcar, Twin Cities Jobs & Transit, HSR Hubs Attracting TOD, Mapping Broklyn Gentrification

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Blogosphere: Taxes and Urban Mobility Revolution

Bacon's Rebellion

Del. Tim Hugo, R-Centreville, has proposed eliminating Virginia's motor fuels tax and replacing it with a 0.9% increase in the state sales tax, the Times-Dispatch reports today...

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Blogosphere: Amtrak Seeks to Escape FRA's Rules

Slate Moneybox

Here's some random good news of the day-Amtrak is going to push to get the Federal Rail Administration to change the safety regulations that force its passenger trains to be much heavier than the ones used in Europe and Japan. Europe and Japan being, as you may have noticed, places where know a thing or two about how to operate passenger trains...

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Blogosphere: Avis Acquires Zipcar

DC Streetsblog

In a sign of the increasing market for car-sharing, Avis car rental is expected to purchase Zipcar today for a tidy $500 million. With the acquisition, the car rental giant will begin offering short-term car rentals, as have competitors Global and Enterprise...

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Blogosphere: Why This CEO Doesn't Own a Car

Fast Company (via @mikelydon)

I know it may seem odd for a business executive, but I don't even own a car. We're living at a time when a major shift in attitudes is bringing on a new era--one in which people get more value by owning less property...

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Editorial: Seeking New Jobs Near Transit Hubs

Minneapolis Star Tribune

With the nation's 13th-largest metro economy and a relatively high potential for growth, Minneapolis-St. Paul could soon begin to generate new jobs in a noticeable way. If that happens, it matters where those jobs are located...

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Blogosphere: Your City Without Light Pollution


Photographer Thierry Cohen's "Darkened Cities" series shows what the night sky might look like after humans and their light pollution are wiped off the planet...

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Blogosphere: HSR Hubs Attracting Urban Development

Citizens for Modern Transit

High-speed rail (HSR) has long been touted as a tool of economic development in addition to its primary function of improving connectivity and ease of travel. It now seems that high-speed rail also has the potential to contribute to the nation's urban revitalization trends...

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Blogosphere: When the Sidewalk Becomes a Waterbed

Pop Up City

Artist collective Raum created a very special pavement in Bourges, France. What characterizes this pavement is that it isn't hard, but floats. The project, called 'La Ville Molle' ('The Soft City'), questions the hardness of the city and its ability to change....

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Blogosphere: The Metropolitan Imagination

Next American City

I've been spending a lot of time these days stuck in the past-that is, with my nose stuck in books about Mumbai's past. And, as I've written, it's helped me realize just how many stories the city structure itself has to tell about its present...

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Blogosphere: Is Rent Control Good Policy?

Urban Institute Metro Trends

The U.S. rental housing market has come under increasing strain recently. As homeowners with unsustainable mortgages have to leave their homes and fewer homebuyers are able to qualify for new mortgages, more people are looking for places to rent...

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Blogosphere: Mapping Brooklyn's Spiky Gentrification

The Atlantic Cities

That Brooklyn houses one of New York City's hottest real estate markets is old news. But a look at some new data shows how uneven and concentrated the borough's transformation is. ..

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Blogosphere: History Puts Cartographer's Art On the Map


The fight for mapping supremacy between two tech giants blew up this fall when Apple, in revising its mobile operating system, dumped the Google Maps app overboard...

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Blogosphere: Fiscal Cliff Eases Housing Market

Housing Wire (via @RwhelanWSJ)

Many would call 2012 a turnaround year for housing. Even moreso, 2012 also appeared to be the year of the short sale. In fact, short sales rose 22% in 2012, according to a report released by RealtyTrac...

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Blogosphere: The Gentrification of Hollywood

LA Weekly

In the 1960s, Mercedes Cortes arrived in Hollywood after fleeing her homeland of Guatemala, which was roiled by bloody unrest...

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