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Blogosphere: The Empty Bus Myth, Idaho Stop In Aspen, Making Suburbs Work Like Cities, Debating Fed. Department Of Cities, Tokyo's Cap N Trade Program

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: Countering the "Empty Buses" Myth

Human Transit

The Pinellas County, Florida transit agency has done this video to help counter the impressions people get from seeing empty buses around the area...

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Blogosphere: Aspen to Vote on "Idaho Stop"

Almost exactly 30 years ago, the state of Idaho enacted a traffic rule that would come to be known nationally as the "Idaho Stop," allowing cyclists to treat stop signs like yield signs...

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Blogosphere: How Grand Central Survived to be 100

This Big City

Soon after Grand Central Terminal opened in 1913, it was viewed as an one of the great public spaces in America, an icon of modern travel. ..

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Blogosphere: A Transit Solution in the Sky

Since we won't build rail transit investments where they are really needed, and we can't even study better bus service because we might build slower streetcars, we have to get creative if we want transit improvements in Minneapolis' densest and least car-dependent neighborhoods...

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Blogosphere: NBC Shutters Every Block

Tech Crunch

It's not easy trying to make money as a hyper-local network these days (just ask AOL's Patch), but in a surprising move, NBC just announced that it is shutting down EveryBlock, the Knight Foundation-backed news and information site MSNBC acquired in 2009...

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Blogosphere: Growth Challenge Dwarfs Streetcar Spat

Plan Charlotte

Since Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx gave his State of the City speech Monday, most of the publicity has focused on his remarks about the proposed streetcar, about a proposal in the legislature to remove Charlotte/Douglas International Airport from city control, and his comments about the Charlotte Chamber...

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Blogosphere: When Gov Creates Problems by Solving

Next American City

Here in New York last week, a small story about a big issue made its way into the news. Nigel Warren, a 30-year-old web designer, was being fined $30,000 by the city...

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Blogosphere: How to Make Suburbs Work Like Cities

Urban Land Magazine

Successful strategies for creatively using and adapting infrastructure to support more dense development in America's suburbs are highlighted in Shifting Suburbs: Reinventing Infrastructure for Compact Development, a new ULI report. (Download Shifting Suburbs here.)..

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Blogosphere: Why Department of Cities Won't Work

Outlaw Urbanist Blog

Richard Florida's advocacy for President Obama to establish a U.S. Federal Department of Cities is an interesting idea...

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Blogosphere: Update on Tokyo's Cap N Trade Program

C40 Blog

On January 21, 2013, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced the results from the second year of its cap-and-trade program...

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Blogosphere: Architects Gearing Up for Natural Disasters

Metropolis Magazine

In the past decade, natural calamities have provoked responses not only from local architects and designers, but also from their peers overseas, who are tuned in like never before through social networking and online news sources...

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Blogosphere: How to Spend DC's Fiscal Surplus

Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space

So DC has a $414 million surplus (partly because we won't spend money on where it needs to be spent, partly for other reasons). See "D.C. budget surplus should be saved, mayor says" from WJLA-TV...

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Blogosphere: Upending Knowledge About Urban Crime

The Atlantic Cities

Bill Bratton took the job as commissioner of the New York Police Department in 1994 under Mayor Rudy Giuliani, setting the stage for a Cinderella story in urban law enforcement that went on to change how virtually every major U.S. city tackles crime...

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Blogosphere: How LA Almost Became New York


As modern metropolises go, Los Angeles and New York couldn't be more different. But it only took a few failed proposals from the early 20th century to send LA into a self-reinforcing spiral of freeways and sprawl...

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