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Blogosphere: Tramway Wi-Fi Connection, Zipcar & Avis, Corporate Carpoolers, Best US Bike Share, Mapping Urban Agriculture

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Blogosphere: Wi-Fi Connection for Florence Tramway


The initiative is part of a wider project called "Wi-Move" (built up as a partnership between the Tuscany Region and the Municipality of Florence) with the aim of offering free hot spots to citizens and tourists in the most important locations and public spaces of the city...

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Blogosphere: More Zipcar to Avis Analysis

The City Fix

Barely ten years ago, no one knew whether car sharing could even work in North America, let alone become a staple of trendy and pragmatic urban living. Yet today Zipcar, plus dozens of innovative start-ups like City CarShare, PhillyCarShare, I-Go, and CommunAuto, have grown into robust community assets in every major U.S. and Canadian city...

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Blogosphere: Carpooling with Corporations

Architects Newspaper

Carpool lanes typically are meant to reduce congestion, not make political statements, but one Bay Area HOV lane finds itself at the center of a national controversy. NBC News reported that Jonathan Frieman has been trying to get pulled over for more than a decade, and now that he's been slapped with a $481 minimum fine for driving alone, he's hoping to challenge his case in court...

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Blogosphere: Do T&I Members Get Needs of Cities?

Streetsblog DC

Who will be looking out for the interests of transit riders in the 113th Congress? It's easy to figure it out, said Cap'n Transit over the weekend: Just check whether they have an R or a D next to their names...

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Blogosphere: Don't Let Rapid Ride Turn You Off BRT


After less troublesome route launches in the suburbs, two new King County Metro RapidRide routes in Seattle have caused no small number of headaches in the wake of their September launch...

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Blogosphere: Best Bike Share in the United States


If you had been handed, a decade ago, a map of the U.S. and asked to predict where the novel idea of bike sharing-then limited to a few small-scale projects in a handful of European cities, might first find its firmest footing, you probably would have laid your money on a progressive hub...

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Blogosphere: Panel Urges BRT in Wake of Sandy

Second Avenue Sagas

When Superstorm Sandy swept through the New York City area, it left a wide swath of transit destruction in its path. New York City Transit's subway tunnels connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn and Queens were flooded out while some parts of the system suffered further destruction...

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Blogosphere: New Orleans Considers Removing Road

Huffington Post

No matter where you live in New Orleans, sooner or later you'll find yourself on Claiborne Avenue, speakers said at community meetings in December on improving the corridor. The tree-lined boulevard was the heart of the local African American community before a 2.2-mile expressway, carrying part of Interstate-10, was built in the 1960s...

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Blogosphere: Mapping Urban Agriculture from the Sky

The Atlantic Cities

Our best estimates of the scale of urban agriculture typically come from self-reported lists and non-profit groups trying to keep tabs on shared community gardens. These lists are, like the gardens themselves, informal...

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Blogosphere: America's Greatest Urban Experience

Somerville Patch

Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone, delivering the State of the City Address Monday night, said Somerville is "already the hottest, greatest urban environment in Greater Boston" and he called on the community to "build America's greatest urban living experience."..

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Blogosphere: Need Examination of Real Estate Spending

Smart Growth America

Federal financing of and spending on real estate impacts millions of Americans on every street, in every neighborhood, town and rural community in the country. From loan guarantees to commercial tax credits, these programs help those most in need pay their rent, help families purchase their first home, and provide financing for commercial development...

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Blogosphere: How Feds Skew the Real Estate Market

Atlantic Cities

One of most persistent canards about American communities is the idea that they've been built entirely by demand. People live in the suburbs because they want to. Drivers commute on highways by choice...

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Blogosphere: America's Greenest Street


A streetscape that includes natural landscaping, bicycle lanes, wind powered lighting, storm water diversion for irrigation, drought-resistant native plants and innovative "smog-eating" concrete has earned Cermak road in Chicago the title of "greenest Street in America"..

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Blogosphere: Enviros Lose LA River Supreme Court Suit

Huffington Post

The Supreme Court has unanimously sided with Los Angeles area governments that are fighting a lawsuit over pollution from urban storm water runoff...

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Blogosphere: "Density" Is Just Less Space for Cars

Cap'n Transit

There are many benefits from living and working in dense environments, but there are plenty of people who are against density, and come out in large numbers to protest any large development or increase in zoning allowances...

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