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Blogosphere: Transit & Place Making, Why LA Needs Subway, GAO & Mileage Fees, Buried Freeways, Bike Master Planning

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: Alternatives for the Valley BRT Project

The Source

A bus rapid transit or light rail line along Van Nuys Boulevard are among the options recommended for further study in the Alternative Analysis released today by Metro for the East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor project...

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Blogosphere: Transit's Fresh Start for Place Making

MZ Strategies

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) opened 2013 by releasing a set of game-changing documents for transportation and community development...

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Blogosphere: Why Metro is Building the Subway

The Source

I took this photo Sunday afternoon from the Backbone Trail above the Pacific Palisades. In the foreground is Westwood and Century City - the telephoto lens smashes them together - and beyond is downtown Los Angeles...

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Blogosphere: GAO - Mileage Fee More Equitable

DC Streetsblog

While governors debate raising (or eliminating) their states' gas taxes, buzz is building about mileage-based fees, or a vehicle-miles-traveled charge. A House provision to ban U.S. DOT from studying such a fee has gone away (along with its sponsor), while Rep. Earl Blumenauer is trying to get the Treasury Department to look into how it could work...

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Blogosphere: Not Dead, But Buried Freeways

Why did London go underground? It didn't want its core (The City of London) sliced up with railways going hither and yon. It was not an unconsidered decision, the whole process of first ensuring lines did not cut through the City established early on..

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Blogosphere: Thinking Clearly About Bike Master Plan

Seattle Transit Blog

I don't write much about biking here, as Tom over at Seattle Bike Blog does such a great job of it, but I actually put more miles on around the city by bike than transit in most months; and I think bikes could have, particularly for short- to medium-length trips in the flat-ish areas of the city..

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Blogosphere: Air Quality Issues in China, US Cities

Next American City

In the lead up to the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing officials, concerned about air quality and the health of athletes, relocated factories, instituted no-drive days and even limited the number of taxis and buses that could enter the city...

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Blogosphere: Mapping Underwater Mortgages

Greater Greater Washington

The Washington Post created this astounding map of the places where the greatest percentage of mortgages are "underwater," or owe more than the home's current value. ..

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Blogosphere: Phoenix Rising Through Old Tricks

The New Republic

Last month the Metro Program released its latest report card for the nation's 100 largest metro economies, the MetroMonitor...

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Blogosphere: It's So Much More Than Density

Better Cities and Towns

The notion that we can solve the problems that we face in our cities by simply increasing the density requirement in our zoning codes is not just naive, it is dead wrong...

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Blogosphere: Does Human Capital Cluster in Centers

The Atlantic Cities

It's now conventional wisdom that human capital (what economists call educated people) is a key factor in the growth of cities and metro regions...

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Blogosphere: Carmel Redevelopment

Urban Indy

In a manner consistent with it's recent revitalization efforts in the downtown Art's District and the new City Center & Palladium, Carmel has laid the groundwork for future revitalization of the 70's era Merchant Square; which lies near the intersection of 116th Street and Keystone Parkway in Hamilton County...

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Blogosphere: Waterfront Plan Wins National Award

Urban Cincy

In 1997 officials from the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County set out on a path to transform the city's central riverfront. What became known as the Cincinnati Central Riverfront Plan laid out a bold vision to accomplish just that..

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Blogosphere: Beijing's Air Quality Catastrophe

Atlantic Cities

Through the year before the Olympics, while we were living in Beijing, I used to do daily views-out-the-window as a guide to the challenge the air-cleanup-people faced...

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