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Blogosphere: Transit As Urban Industry, China Profitable HSR, Case For Higher Gas Tax, Subway Cell Phone Service Debate, Iceland Landscape Lessons

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Blogosphere: Transit as Urban Industry

Rebuilding Space in Urban Place

Back during the initial streetcar study in DC (DC Transit Futures), I made the point that if DC were to (re)develop streetcars to the extent discussed, then we could work to even develop streetcar manufacturing facilities...

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Blogosphere: Four of China's HSR Lines Profitable

Systemic Failure

According to a report late last year, four of the country's high-speed rail lines achieved break-even since the bullet trains started running full-speed, intercity services...

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Blogosphere: Midwest Govs Look for Highway Money

DC Streetsblog

We've been watching how governors around the country are getting extra "creative" as they try to keep their transportation budgets solvent. Yesterday we witnessed an excise tax on bicycles floated in Washington State...

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Blogosphere: Leveraging Public Sector Contracts

Living Cities

What would it look like if the billions of dollars spent by our public agencies to provide services were also leveraged to encourage job creation for low-income people?..

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Blogosphere: Podcast - Cinci Dept of Transportation

Urban Cincy

On the sixteenth episode of The UrbanCincy Podcast, we're joined by Michael Moore, Director of Cincinnati's Department of Transportation and Engineering...

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Commentary: The Case for a Higher Gasoline Tax

New York Times (via Streetsblog DC) 

THE average price of gasoline in the United States, $3.78 on Thursday, has been steadily climbing for more than a month and is approaching the three previous post-recession peaks, in May 2011 and in April and September of last year...

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Blogosphere: SFMTA vs LACMTA on Cell Phone Service

N Judah Chronicles

While I've never understood the "need" for cell phone service in tunnels Deep Under The Earth, especialy since we got along without cell phones for decades, some people think this is a big deal...

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Blogosphere: Nine Lessons from Iceland Landscape

My Urbanist

I believe in the value of visiting contrasting places-divorced from the familiar-in order to read landscapes of shelter, wheels, weather, landforms and light...

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Blogosphere: Do We Think of Third Places for Decisions


There were so many really exciting stories about particular places, from farmer's markets to parks to restaurants, that emerged in Where Community Is at Work Making Itself, our Shelterforce roundtable on third places...

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Blogosphere: Rise of the Endless City


Showing an image of sprawled-out Mexico City, Ricky Burdett, Professor of Urban Studies, London School of Economics, told the crowd at the Innovative Metropolis conference hosted by the Brookings Institution and Washington University in St. Louis that we are now living in the era of the "endless city." ..

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Blogosphere: Zoning for a Healthier Los Angeles

LA Streetsblog

The Los Angeles region was intentionally planned as a horizontal city to avoid some of the perceived ills of dense European and east coast metropolises...

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Blogosphere: A Better Parklet Application Process

Curbed SF

The success of San Francisco's 38 parklets has prompted the city to make the application process more user-friendly...

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Blogosphere: Ohio Style Urban Problem Solving


The other day I was browsing through Twitter and I came across a tweet about Columbus Public Schools' reorganization, or "reinvention"; I can't remember the exact term they were using, but I'm sure it was snappier than that...

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Blogosphere: Was Atlantic Yards a Good Idea?

Next City

Last week the nation's newest pro-basketball arena, the Barclays Center, played host to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's final State of the City speech...

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Blogosphere: Jerry Brown's View of Affordable Housing


California Governor Jerry Brown is known for expressing ideas outside the standard political box. But in the case of California's affordable housing crisis, Brown displays a fundamental misunderstanding of the issue...

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