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Blogosphere: Transit Funding Future, Giving Bikes Priority, How HSR Transforms, Instanbul Transpo Problems, Ped-Transit Oriented Design, Lazy Urbanism

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Blogosphere: A Look Fed Funding for Transit Operations

Transport Politic

With a budget stalemate in Congress, the future for transit funding may increasingly be in the hands of state and local governments. But that could magnify seriously inequitable outcomes, an analysis of data from 65 cities shows...

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Blogosphere: Amtrak Draws Fire, Aviation Ignored

DC Streetsblog

There's never any shortage of calls to make Amtrak pay for itself. Republicans deride it as a "Soviet-style monopoly," rife with inefficiencies...

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Blogosphere: Bikes Will Get Priority to Enhance Safety

Bike San Diego (via @brenttodarian)

By now you may have heard the news from last Tueday about the unanimous City Council vote on the Resolution prioritizing bicycle infrastructure improvements to enhance public safety..

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Blogosphere: What's Steepest Gradient for a Road Bike

Wired Magazine

Why would cyclists push a bike? In the case of a recent stage of Tirreno-Adriatic, there were three parts with a 27 percent gradient. Yes. That's pretty steep for a bike...

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Blogosphere: How HSR is Like Rapid Transit

Pedestrian Observations

A post from last month on Keep Houston Houston notes how high-speed rail transformed Japanese geography to the point that it's faster to get from Osaka to Nagano via Tokyo than direct despite a doubling of travel distance...

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Blogosphere: Cutting Through Ped Safety Red Tape

SF Streetsblog

The bureaucratic red tape encumbering the city's progress on life-saving pedestrian safety measures is the target of a new legislative package set to be introduced by Supervisor Scott Wiener at today's Board of Supervisors meeting...

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Blogosphere: Subway to Ballard is Being Studied

Seattle Transit Blog

Now that the Ballard to Downtown rail study work has begun (and don't miss the open house tonight!), I want to point out some of the best parts of the study scope of work, and reiterate what our next steps should be..

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Blogosphere: Solving Transpo Problems in Istanbul

The City Fix

Last year, Turkey and the Netherlands celebrated 400 years of diplomatic relations, established between Sultan Ahmed I and Maurice, Prince of Orange, in 1612...

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Blogosphere: 8 Qualities of Ped/Transit Oriented Design

Urban Land (via @brenttodarian)

Since 2000, a number of tools for measuring the quality of the walking environment have emerged. Generically called walking audit instruments, these tools are now used by researchers, local governments, and community groups to measure physical features related to walkability, such as building setback, block length, and street and sidewalk width...

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Blogosphere: The Case for a Lazy Urbanism

Black Urbanist

I need to be honest. Sometimes I don't want to write this blog anymore. Yes, I'm in love with the city and the greater sense of place found in all forms of natural and unnatural terrain...

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Commentary: Nature in the City

Ottawa Citizen

Springtime in the city doesn't have to smell like dust and concrete. It can also smell like ponds waking up, plants bursting and small eco-systems coming back to life...

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Blogosphere: A Shipping Container Apartment Complex

Mother Nature Network

A developer begins work on a 70-unit shipping container apartment complex in Texas' housing-strapped Eagle Ford Shale region with the goal of attracting folks who will stick around beyond the oil boom...

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Blogosphere: Dixon - What It Takes to Make Cities Great

Better Cities and Towns

I believe it was in 2000 that I first met David Dixon, head of the planning practice at Boston's Goody Clancy architects...

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Blogosphere: Olympic Bid Not Good for Dallas

Culture Map Dallas

I feel like I need to be upfront about the fact this column is going to borrow liberally from a Twitter conversation I had yesterday with the great Patrick Kennedy (@WalkableDFW) and links he provided...

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Blogosphere: Tulsa Pearl District Code Starts Over

Urban Tulsa

Generally, things don't work out as they have in Tulsa, said Carol Wyant, executive director of the Form-Based Codes Institute...

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Blogosphere: Prince George's Considers TOD Bills

Greater Greater Washington

Five months ago, public outcry persuaded Prince George's councilmember Mel Franklin to pull two controversial fast-tracked bills to exempt Metro station developments from site plan review and public meetings...

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Blogosphere: Politics Influence Household Footprint

Atlantic Cities

Hat tip to Tom Jacobs at Pacific Standard for pointing us to this succinct study that proves the power of political ideology on the thermostat...

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Blogosphere: Land Value Taxes Can Reduce Inequality

Policy Shop

David Callahan's points about the inequality-widening effects of technological change add up to a strong argument that wealth taxes should play a bigger role in the progressive project of reducing inequality...

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