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Blogosphere: Transit Policy Without Left-Right Tilt, Minn. Transit Investments, Valuing Frequency, Strategic Freight Rail Plan, Casablanca's Tramway

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: GIFs of Beijing Metro Riders

The Atlantic Cities

Most GIFs immortalize an iconic moment -- an eye-roll, a grin, a sip from a water bottle -- in a compact and easily shareable box of repeating footage...

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Blogosphere: If You Love This Bill, It Won't Pass

Transportation Issues Daily

A $6 billion dollar proposal to maintain and preserve Washington state roads, bridges and transit systems will be revealed Tuesday...

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Commentary: Transit Policy Shouldn't Lean Right/Left

Journal Sentinel

What if I told you that Republicans only support bicycles for racing and Democrats are exclusively in favor of mountain bikes? Or that conservatives back limousines while taxis are progressive approved?..

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Commentary: End Delays of Transit Investment

Minneapolis Star Tribune

The Metropolitan Council presented its State of the Region report last Monday -- the same day many Twin Cities motorists faced gridlock caused by a few inches of overnight snow...

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Blogosphere: Skytrain and UBC

Pedestrian Observations

I live about 3 minutes from an express bus stop, where I can get the express bus and be at UBC within 15 minutes, whereupon I can walk from the diesel bus loop to my classroom in 6 minutes...

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Blogosphere: Is Frequency Overrated?

Seattle Transit Blog

I don't mean to pick on Mr Fry - I'm sure he is a person who sincerely wants to make transit in Portland better, and thinks he is doing so - but this quote is perhaps the crowning example of an incredibly misguided, but surprisingly prevalent strain of thought among the political leaders..

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Commentary: Plans Should Include Passenger Rail

Tulsa World

Business, not government, is the foundation of our future economic development, and government should support it...

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Blogosphere: Ray LaHood Invterview Part III

DC Streetsblog

This is the third and final installment of our exit interview with departing U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood. In the first, he talked about his proudest accomplishments..

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Blogosphere: Freight Plan May Include 3K Road Miles

DC Streetsblog

It's hard to believe, but, despite the fact that freight makes up 25 percent of all transportation emissions, the nation has never had a strategic plan for how to move goods...

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Blogosphere: Tramway Arrives in Casablanca

The Polis Blog

As Morocco's largest city and business center, Casablanca suffers from infernal traffic congestion, related air pollution and insufficient public transit...

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Blogosphere: Kotkin - More Babies Needed

Daily Beast

Sitting around a table at a hookah bar in New York's East Village with three women and a gay man, all of them in their 20s and 30s and all resolved to remain childless, a few things quickly became clear:..

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Blogosphere: A Smart Growth Future for Central Valley?

California Planning and Development Report

Over the past few weeks, issues concerning the Central Valley's future growth and development plans have gained widespread attention throughout the state...

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Blogosphere: Can We Sell Urban Infill to the Suburbs?

American Dirt

At a superficial level, American suburbs have reached a point of inflection in terms of their dependency on automobiles...

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Blogosphere: Port Cities and Nature

The Nature of Cities

Just as human activities change the face of our planet, the habits of maritime and port city residents have a disproportionate influence on the fate of coastal and marine biodiversity...

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Blogosphere: Cars Lead to Homeownership in 50s?

Old Urbanism

It's common to hear from certain quarters that not only did the advent of mass motoring in the mid-20th century lead to a change in the types of homes Americans lived in, but that it brought about increased rates of homeownership as well...

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Blogosphere: Design Principles in Achieving TOD

Helm of the Public Realm

Density. For planners and urban designers helping to create transit-oriented developments (TODs), density is the crucial factor in achieving a critical mass for ridership and a mixed-use walkable environment that will entice people out of their cars...

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Blogosphere: Todarian on Density Done Well (video)

Price Tags

Here's Brent Toderian (@BrentToderian), Consulting City Planner + Urbanist at TODERIAN UrbanWORKS discussing the concept of "density done well"..

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Blogosphere: Housing Choice Vouchers Increase Mobility


It is well known that where people live can have a big impact on their life. For children, that can affect not only their health, safety, and development, but also their future...

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Blogosphere: Why So Many Bosnians in St. Louis?

The Atlantic Cities

Just off Interstate 44, South St. Louis's brick houses hug a wide central boulevard, overlooked by a limestone and terra cotta water tower that hasn't actually distributed water since 1929...

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Blogosphere: Drones May Build Skyscrapers

Smithsonian Design Decoded Blog

Drones can't just destroy, they can create. Although the military uses of drones are widely debated, less discussed are their potentially revolutionary civilian implications...

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Commentary: Let's Stoke Urban Revival on East Side

Houston Chronicle

When NBA All-Star Weekend is over, more people from more places in the world will have been introduced to the eastern edge of downtown Houston...

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Blogosphere: Healthier Communities Through Design

Metropolis Magazine

Health indicators are pointing in the wrong direction. Healthcare costs are rising to unprecedented levels. To address these challenges, it's become imperative that our municipal policies and initiatives be reconsidered...

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