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Blogosphere: Ultimate Absurdity in American Transport, Legislation To Protect Trees, Youngstown's Unwarranted Gentrification Fears

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Blogosphere: Ultimate Absurdity in American Transport

DC Streetsblog

We really have to give Jeff Speck credit. In his new book, Walkable City, he amasses a wealth of evidence that skillfully reveals just how absurd American attitudes toward transportation and cities have become...

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Blogosphere: In DC Burbs, Legislation to Protect Trees

Next American City

Trees are an important part of any urban environment, providing shade, oxygen, and even calming traffic. Of course, they're also great to look at. As a result, protecting and expanding Montgomery County's tree canopy has been a growing issue in recent months...

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Blogosphere: Youngstown is Not Really Gentrifying


My friend, Youngstown celebrity Phil Kidd, told me a hahafunny recently. After consistently being ranked as one of the poorest cities in the country, Youngstown has recently seen a small reversal of fortunes in its downtown...

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