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Blogosphere: Vegas HSR Opposition, Nashville BRT, DC Parking Regs, SF Railyard Dispute, LA Harbor Freight Yards OK'd, London $1.3B Bike Plan

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: The Goal of Abundant Access

Human Transit

In my book Human Transit, I argued that the underlying geometry of transit requires communities to make a series of choices, each of which is a tradeoff between two things that are popular...

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Blogosphere: Congressional R's Try to Block Vegas HSR


XpressWest has been waiting to hear from the federal government about their $5.5 billion loan request to help construct the high speed rail project from Victorville to Las Vegas (eventually connecting to Los Angeles via Palmdale)...

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Blogosphere: Uncrooking SF's Crookedest Tunnel

Urban Life Signs

How do we figure out the best way Caltrain and HSR get to the Transbay Center? Tearing down a freeway? Rerouting a planned train tunnel that's already EIR certified?..

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Commentary: Nashville BRT Must Work from the Start

Nashvile Tennessean

With as much attention as Nashville has been receiving recently, from award-winning music to nationally recognized restaurants and bars, the need to address Nashville's rapid growth becomes more critical each day...

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Commentary: Looser Parking Reqs No Threat to DC

Washington Post

Apparently, a major threat to the District looms on the horizon. "This is a very dangerous proposal," the warning recently went out. "We think it threatens the future of Washington."..

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Blogosphere: City Hall Fights Caltrain Over Yards

SF Streetsblog

The various public agencies shaping the plan to bring high-speed rail into downtown San Francisco disagree on what should be done with the Caltrain railyard at the 4th and King Street station...

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Blogosphere: Senate Unlikely to Challenge House Cuts

DC Streetsblog

If you were hoping the Senate would swoop in and save the day after the House voted to cut $785 million from the transportation budget, you might be disappointed...

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Blogosphere: Harbor Board Approves Freight Yards  

LA Streetsblog

In what is undoubtedly a controversial decision-not to mention an utterly disheartening one as well for the multitude of community groups and leaders who opposed the project..

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Blogosphere: Transit Necessary for Parking Reform?


Paul Barter answers with an unequivocal no. He outlines the reasons why debates over the elimination of parking minimums should be decoupled from transit, and identifies other reforms that can make parking changes palatable...

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Blogosphere: London's $1.3B Bike Plan

Streetsblog DC

In some ways, London and New York have each leapfrogged the other when it comes to bike policy in the past few years...

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Blogosphere: The Bike Helmet Paradox


Plastic shells keep our heads from coming open, but they also deter us from riding bicycles. And riding bicycles is good for people and Earth...

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Blogosphere: Spatial Layout of Parliament Chambers


'The word parliament derives from the French "parlement"-the act of speaking, the discussion. The chamber in which parliamentary assemblies meet is therefore a spatial setting for that very discussion...

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Blogosphere: Six Women Making Things Happen in Cities

Next City

One thing I've noticed throughout my years covering urban planning and development is a dearth of women in the field...

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Blogosphere: Walkable Urbanism and Suburban Poverty

City Tank

American suburbs are a particularly bad place to be poor. Though poverty poses dire and unjust challenges no matter where it exists, sprawling and auto-dependent land use patterns can exacerbate these difficulties...

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Blogosphere: Rose Kennedy Greenway

City Parks Blog

The Rose Kennedy Greenway in downtown Boston sits on land created from the Big Dig, a megaproject that rerouted the Central Artery (Interstate 93), the chief highway through the heart of the city, into a 3.5-mile tunnel...

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Blogosphere: San Francisco's Impressive Water Infra

Burrito Justice

I'll just start out by saying HOLY CRAP, because this is what you're going to say when you realize what I'm about to show you...

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Blogosphere: Start Up Raises $1.3m for Mobile App

Transit Wire

GlobeSherpa, a Portland startup, has raised has raised $1.3 million in additional investment to help finance a national rollout for its mobile ticketing application...

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Blogosphere: Ed Mazria's Visual Language

Next City

This month, the Santa Fe-based non-profit Architecture 2030 will unveil a beta release of a new tool called the 2030 Palette...

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Blogosphere: The Geography of Indie Music

Atlantic Cities

South by Southwest, the annual music, tech, and film conference, starts today in Austin, Texas. Last year, UCLA's Patrick Adler and I took a look at where the listed acts for the festival hail from. ..

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