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Blogosphere: Walk Score For Canada, Bike Share & Transit, Future Of Driverless Cars, City Road Diets, Mapping Density, GOP & Cities

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Blogosphere: Walk Score Ranks Canada's Cities

Walk Score Blog

Vancouver, with a Walk Score of 78, topped Canada's most walkable cities in our first ranking of Most Walkable Canadian Cities and Neighbourhoods. We rated the walkability of more than 300 Canadian cities and 1,200 neighbourhoods...

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Blogosphere: Drivers Cover 51% of US Road Spending

DC Streetsblog

There's a persistent misconception in American culture that transit is a big drain on public coffers while roads conveniently and totally pay for themselves through the magic of gas taxes...

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Blogosphere: Bike Share Needs to be Part of Transit


Bike sharing became a surprising common theme throughout last week's Transforming Transportation conference, which was co-hosted by EMBARQ and The World Bank and featured debates, panels, and lectures on the rise of sustainable urban transportation...

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Blogosphere: Whither the Driverless Car

Next American City

Audi and Toyota are debuting advanced prototypes of "autonomous cars," which will provide enhanced "smart" crash avoidance and seek parking while the driver hops out and goes about her business..

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Blogosphere: Road Diets Changing American Cities

DC Streetsblog

This road diet - or "street rightsizing" - removed one traffic lane on a four lane road through 1.5 miles of the city's College Park neighborhood. Since then, traffic collisions are down 34 percent. Pedestrian activity increased 23 percent and cycling rose 30 percent...

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Blogosphere: Sustainable Urban Transport Needed


By 2030, 60 percent of the world's population will live in cities. To avoid an explosion of cars, which creates air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, congestion, and traffic deaths, new, more sustainable patterns of urban development are needed..

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Blogosphere: Budapest Risks EU Subsidies


Due to delays in the development of public transport, Budapest cannot realistically impose a congestion charge until 2016, according to local media citing the Budapest Transport Centre (BKK)...

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Blogosphere: Streetcar Will Be Center of Attention Again

Cincinnati City Beat

The public spotlight is nothing new for Cincinnati's $125 million streetcar project, but it's a factor supporters are getting increasingly tired of dealing with. Facing new delays and political controversy, the streetcar is once again in the news..

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Blogosphere:Hong Kong Trams Revamped, Here to Stay

My Sinchew

Trundling along slowly against a backdrop of glittering skyscrapers, Hong Kong's trams are entering a new phase of their life but their well-loved retro look is here to stay...

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Blogosphere: A Better Map of Population Density

Drawing Rings Around the World

If you want to produce a map of population density the usual way to go about it is to get some Census data on density in different zones (wards, Census tracts, etc) and plot it like the map below..

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Blogosphere: MIT's Solar Building Tool

Captain Plan It

"The city of Cambridge, Mass has teamed up with MIT to produce a Solar Tool that allows people to type an address into a website and get a detailed account of that roof's solar electric potential...

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Blogosphere: GOP and the City

City Journal

After the presidential election in November, New York Times exit polls found that Republican candidate Mitt Romney had received only 29 percent of the big-city vote to President Obama's 69 percent...

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Blogosphere: America's Fastest Growing Cities

Forbes (via Smart Growth America)

When Chuck Gordon and Mario Feghali started Sparefoot, the 25-year-old entrepreneurs relocated to Austin, Texas, from Los Angeles, having received seed money from local tech incubator Capital Factory...

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Blogosphere: How Will the Lowline Make the Leap

Curbed NY

Since Dan Barasch and James Ramsey unveiled their plans for an innovative underground park, the project, known as the Lowline, has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, gained the support of government officials, and won the hearts of many local residents...

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Blogosphere: Innovations in Urban Ecosystems

The Nature of Cities

Cities face unprecedented challenges. Global environmental change is placing increasing pressure on ecosystem functions and their ability to support human activities...

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