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Environment & Ecology: Air Pollution & Child Hyperactivity, Chinese Cities Barely Livable, Ambitious Eco City


Air Pollution Linked to Youth Hyperactivity 

Science World Report


Early-life exposure to highly traffic-related air pollution may be linked to higher instances of hyperactivity scores, starting at age 7.

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First Tier Chinese Cities Barely Livable 

People's Daily


Most first-tier cities in China are barely suitable for living due to their poor ecological environment, despite rapid economic development and preferential regulations for investment, said a newly released report by a top Chinese think tank on Sunday.

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Inside the Worlds Most Ambitious Eco-City 

Popular Science


Why would a petro-state erect a solar-powered eco-metropolis in the middle of the Arabian desert? To change the world.

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Map Graphic - Assessing the Path of Tornado Damage 

New York Times


An analysis of aerial photographs and videos taken after Monday's tornado shows that at least 1,500 building were essentially destroyed.

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Creating the First Green Benefit District 

San Francisco Business Journal (Paywall), via: Curbed SF


Residents in the Dogpatch and Potrero Hill are carving out some green space amid an avalanche of new upscale housing.

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