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Environment & Ecology: Austin Development Enviro Rules, NYC Goat Beauty Pageants, Climate Change & Highway Projects


City Council Could Loosen Environmental Rules for Development 

Austin American Statesman


With the state Legislature looming over their shoulders, Austin City Council members are poised to relax a set of environmental rules that the Texas attorney general contends are illegal.

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Bring Back NYC's Goat Beauty Pageants 



Apparently there used to be enough urban goat-ownership in New York that the city could sustain an annual goat beauty pageant.

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Will Highway Projects Have to Account for Climate Change? 

DC Streetsblog


Since 1970, the National Environmental Protection Act has required federal agencies to consider the impacts of their projects on air, water, and soil pollution-but not on climate change.

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Sustainable Transport Making Headway in the Emirates 

The City Fix


Known for record-breaking skyscrapers, indoor ski slopes, and mega-shopping malls, the oil-rich UAE is not often the picture that immediately comes to mind on the topic of sustainable transport.

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