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Environment & Ecology: Biomass Energy & Deforestation, Giant Sewer Balloon Plugs, China's Agriculture History


Biomass Energy Use Leading to African Deforestation 

All Africa


ACCORDING to Bariki Kaale who is Energy and Environmental Specialist based in Dar es Salaam, biomass fuels accounts for over 94 per cent of the total energy used for cooking with no affordable alternative energy sources in the foreseeable future.

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Texas Bill Would Drastically Revamp Water Agency 

Fort Worth Business Press


New revisions to a major water bill calls for ousting the six-member Texas Water Development Board and its top official before the state embarks on a new $2 billion fund to provide low-interest loans for projects.

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Giant Sewer Balloons as Climate Change Growth Industry 

Atlantic Cities


Every so often, walking by the water in an American city, you see the sign: Wet weather discharge point. No swimming.

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Agriculture Practiced in China Before Domesticated Rice 

Science Daily


Archaeologists have made a discovery in southern subtropical China which could revolutionise thinking about how ancient humans lived in the region.

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Green Roofs Don't Work w/o Diverse Local Plants 



Don't freak out, but there's a problem with green roofs: They're not necessarily greener than ordinary roofs.

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