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Environment&Ecology: Dust Emissions, Dirty Indoor Air, Mainstream Green Infrastructure, Texas Water Desalination Study


American West Increasingly Dusty 

National Geographic


The American West is becoming an increasingly dusty place: So-called "dust emissions"-including giant dust storms reminiscent of the Dust Bowl era-have increased in the past 17 years, according to a new study.


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Indoor Air Dirtier Than You Think 

National Science Foundation


Most people worry about the quality of the air they breathe outdoors, while giving little thought to the contaminants that may be circulating in their own homes.


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Green Infrastructure Becomming Mainstream 

ASLA Dirt Blog


Green infrastructure is now big time, given the head of water for the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) is now promoting its benefits.


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South Texas to Study Water Desalination 

APA Daily Planning News


The wicked drought gripping Texas has made one thing clear to Bill West: There is not enough water to meet new urban demands and competing environmental needs.


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Wild Things in the Urban Core 

Vancouver Sun


Third in a series: City dwellers must learn to live with animals who also find civilization an appealing lifestyle option


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Aerial Photos Show Extent of Europe's Floods 

The Atlantic Cities


How bad is the historic flooding that's turning Europe into a certain terrific Kevin Costner flick?


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Conflict Between Nature and Rights in Buenos Aires 

Urban Times


Squashed between the city's most expensive neighbourhood and its biodiversity jewel, residents of a Buenos Aires slum are speaking out to claim their right to a healthy habitat.


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Why Are Cities Heating Up Faster Than Everywhere Else? 



There are hot islands, there are really hot islands, and then there are urban heat islands [PDF] - cities that are hotter, often considerably, than their more rural surrounds.


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