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Environment & Ecology: Fruit Activism & Urban Gardens, Stress On Urban Birds, Ecology Of Human Stress, Grocery Delivery Services


'Fruit Activists' Take Urban Gardens in New Direction 

New York Times


Fruit looms large in the California psyche. Since the 1800s, dewy images of oranges, lemons and other fruits have been a lure for seekers of the state's postcard essence, symbols of fertile land, felicitous climate and the possibilities of pleasure.

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Kestrels, Other Urban Birds Are Stressed by Human Activity 

Science Daily


American kestrels, small colorful falcons often seen perched along roadways, are abundant in urban and agricultural areas.

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How Green Are Grocery Delivery Services 

DC Streetsblog


In a recent study out of Seattle, researchers Erica Wygonik and Anne Goodchild found that having groceries delivered by truck can cut mileage by up to 85 or 95 percent compared to driving a car.

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Sebastopol Will Require Solar on All New Homes 



Vineyards won't be the only things flourishing when the sun shines on the fertile city of Sebastopol, Calif., in Sonoma wine country.

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The Ecology of Human Stress 

New York Magazine


We've always known New York has the ultimate climate for producing anxiety. Scientists are only now understanding why, picking apart the triggers of tension in our daily lives in order to help us calm down.

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