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Environment & Ecology: Hilton Cogeneration System, Landscape & Architecture, Shaping Nature, Parking & Earthquakes In SF, America's Polluted Rivers, Sustainability & Resilience Scales


Hilton New York's Cogeneration System 

Travel Daily News


Anaergia Inc. announced that the 1,750kW cogeneration plant for the 1,981-room Hilton New York in midtown Manhattan is now online.

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Blurring the Lines of Landscape and Architecture 

Urban Photo Blog


Five years ago, New York-based architect Joel Sanders was renovating a downtown Manhattan penthouse when he ran into a problem.

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Moving from Analyzing Nature to Shaping It 

Urban Omnibus


Ecology, by definition, is about interactions; it's the study of the relationships among organisms, and between organisms and their environment.

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Car Parking Can Make Earthquakes More Dangerous in SF 

SF Streetsblog


The threat of earthquakes that could destroy the homes of thousands at any moment has always loomed over San Francisco. In a bid to to reduce that risk, the Board of Supervisors is expected next week to mandate seismic retrofits

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More Than Half of America's Rivers are Very Polluted 

The Atlantic Cities


A new report by the Environmental Protection Agency found that the majority of rivers and streams in this country can't support healthy aquatic life and the trend is going in the wrong direction.

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Urban Sustainability & Resilience, Why We Need Scales 

The Nature of Cities


Two of the most debated and challenging concepts in urban development are sustainability and resilience. How are they related?

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Can You Tell Urban from Rural? 

Per Square Mile


If you were given a section of a map, could you tell if was from a city or the countryside? The answer to that question may be trickier than you expect.

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