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Environment & Ecology: Human Density & Climate Change, SF Water Future, Fighting NIMBY Enviros, Philly Green Innovation, Transpo Electrification


Human Density and Climage Change 

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Nothing too surprising in this map of human dispersion on the planet. But on closer look, I had never appreciated how the highest densities in India and Bangladesh concentrate along a continual band south of the Himalayas:

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Properly Planned Roads Can Help the Environment 

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Two leading ecologists say a rapid proliferation of roads across the planet is causing irreparable damage to nature, but properly planned roads could actually help the environment.

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Could a Booming Bay Area Run Out of Water? 

The Atlantic Cities


People love living in the San Francisco Bay Area. They love it so much that the region's population is projected to grow from 7 million today to 9 million by 2040.

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Corporations Can Lead the Way in Green, and Save Big 

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How can we encourage businesses to make the commitment towards sustainable building practices? Well, to start, at the very least, by showing them the savings

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San Francisco Supervisor Fights NIMBY Use of Enviro Laws 

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The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) has been the subject of much debate among developers, architects, engineers, public agencies, and activist groups since it was passed back in 1970.

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More Green Innovations in Philly 



Last year in Philadelphia, Amtrak started started tearing things up as part of new work on the west plaza of their 30th street station, replacing the underground parking garage roof.

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Repopulating Ohio Vacant Land with Wildflowers 

Rust Wire


Warren-based volunteer group gregg's gardens ( announced today that we have received $10,000 in funding from the Trumbull 100 ( ) - the largest singular gift we have received to date.

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European Trade Group Pushing Transpo Electrification 

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Alstom, Nissan, and rail industry among the members of new group aiming to promote the environmental and economic case for electric transport

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