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Environment & Ecology: Human Macroecology, Boston's Green Housing Plan, City Horticulture, Lessons From '70s Ecotopia


The Emerging Field of Human Macroecology 

Scientific American


Sustainability efforts have been on the cultural radar for many years. Increasingly, cultural norms instruct us to turn off the lights when leaving a room, drive a smaller car, recycle as much as possible

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Boston's Aggressive Green Housing Plan 

Boston Globe


Boston looks the way it does today because, decades ago, a pair of mayors unloaded real estate the city didn't need. Kevin White and Ray Flynn sold off surplus public parking garages downtown and in the Back Bay, and the developers built Boston's modern commercial core.

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Shaping the City with Horticulture: The Street 



The Cultural Landscape Foundation and Pennsylvania Horticultural Society just organized a conference on Civic Horticulture in Philadelphia.

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Truths and Hard Lessons From a 1970s 'Ecotopia' 

The Atlantic Cities


Twenty years after Oregon, Washington, and Northern California seceded from the U.S. to form the ecologically-focused nation of Ecotopia

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Dresden Continues Implementation of Grass Tramways 

Polis Network


In the mean time, over 29 Kilometer of the 270 Kilometer urban rail network has been covered with grass. This means that the Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG is providing the city with an additional 110.000 sqm of green surface.

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