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Environment&Ecology: New England Hydro Power, Urbanism & Rainwater, Ethiopian Nile Dams Worry Egypt


New England States Move to Increase Hydropower 

Boston Globe


Hydropower could play a larger role in New England's energy mix as five of the region's states, including Massachusetts, move to import more of it - most likely from Canada - and at least one has passed a law that could allow electricity from large-scale hydrolectric dams to be classified as green as wind or [...]

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Urbanism and Rainwater 

CNU Salons


CNU's Erika Strauss recently interviewed Paul Crabtree and Lisa Nisenson, leaders of CNU's Rainwater-in-Context Initiative, to catch up after CNU21 and hear what they have to say about the recent developments in the delayed EPA stormwater regulations.

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Ethiopian Dams on Blue Nile Worry Egypt 

Washington Post


Since long before the Pyramids towered above the rich soil of this riverside town, Egyptians have given thanks to the muddy waters of the Nile.

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