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Environment&Ecology: Peak Soil, China Petro Pollution Tax, Fracking California, Atlanta Belt Line New City


Are We Approaching Peak Soil? 

Science Alert


Soil is becoming endangered.This reality needs to be part of our collective awareness in order to feed nine billion people by 2050, say experts meeting here in Reykjavík.

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China's Big Petroleum Pollution Tax 

Green Packs, via: DC Streetsblog


China's Beijing is polluted more than you think. And, before things run beyond repair, the Chinese government is planning to intervene.

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Concerns Over Fracking in California 

New Scientist


Prepare for a fight over fracking for black gold in the Golden State. California is emerging as the new battleground over the fracking process

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Opening Up the Park Process in Phoenix 

City Parks Blog


How does a community lose 2+ acres of prized urban parkland without learning about it beforehand?

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With the Belt Line, Atlanta Wants to Become New City 



A bit more than 10 years ago, Ryan Gravel, a Georgia Tech architecture and urban planning master's student, delivered a whopper of a thesis.

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