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Environment & Ecology: Protecting Farmland, Cities As Living Systems, Transforming Houston, Oil Supplies & Green Transport


Modesto Should Turn Attention Back to Farmland 

Modesto Bee


Modestans, it's time to resume the conversation about how to protect the farmland that is so critical to our local economy.

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Cities Are Living Systems, First Do No Harm, via:


Cities, and the infrastructure networks that bind them, are alive.

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HOAs Can Support Native Species in Suburban Areas 

Science Codex


Although it's known that construction of homes in suburban areas can have negative impacts on native plants and animals, a recent study led by University of Massachusetts Amherst ecologist Susannah Lerman suggests that well- managed residential development such as provided by homeowners associations (HOA) can in fact support native wildlife.

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Transforming Houston with Bayou Greenways 

Houston Chronicle Blogs


Houston is a sprawling, cosmopolitan city of over 650 square miles and 2.3 million people. But thanks to the $166 million Parks Bond citizens passed last November, by 2020 Houston will also have over 150 miles of connected biking and walking paths along nearly 1,500 acres of new connected parkland, completely separated from cars.

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Will New Oil Supplies Slow Move to Green Transport 

DC Streetsblog


What if peak oil doesn't take care of gas guzzling by cutting off the supply?

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