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Environment & Ecology: SF Trash Incentives, Tracking City Carbon Footprints, Climate Imperative Of Santa Monica TOD, Love & Hate For Marin County


Throw Out Less Trash, Get a Smaller Bill 

San Francisco Examiner


Waste bin, recycling bin or compost bin? Elliot Easom never paid close attention to which piece of trash belonged in which bin - black, blue or green - until he became aware of an incentive being offered to his neighborhood.

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Tracking the Carbon Footprint of Cities 

Yahoo News, via: Governing


Every time Los Angeles exhales, odd-looking gadgets anchored in the mountains above the city trace the invisible puffs of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases that waft skyward.

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The Coming GOP Civil War on Climate Change 

National Journal, via: DC Streetsblog


Kerry Emanuel registered as a Republican as soon he turned 18, in 1973. The aspiring scientist was turned off by what he saw as the Left's blind ideology.

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The Climate Imperative of TOD in Santa Monica 

LA Streetsblog


One of the sub-rifts I've observed within the debates and backlashes against development in Santa Monica reflects the diverging views within environmentally conscience minds about balancing localized and broader impacts.

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Love and Hate for Marin County 

New York Times Magazine


It was, as Richard Merz tells it, an enlightened mischievousness among the paradise dwellers that brought the water-skiing elephant to Richardson Bay.

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