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Environment & Ecology: Smart Growth Vs. Garden Cities, Limiting European GHG Emissions, Cleaning LA Dirty Runoff Water, Great Lakes Trash Vortex


Smart Growth the New Garden City? 

The Ecologist


Kate Houghton explains why Smart Growth, rather than a revival in garden cities, could have an important role to play in tackling current environmental as well as social challenges

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Limiting GHG Emissions in European Cities 

Science Daily


Not only do humans emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, but they also do things that help remove these gases from the atmosphere

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Los Angeles Wants to Make Its Dirty Runoff Clean Enough to Drink 

Next City


The twin problems of water scarcity and pollution due to runoff trouble many cities in the Southwestern U.S., not to mention a number of global cities that have mimicked Sun Belt sprawl.

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Pacific Trash Vortex's Great Lakes Relative 

The Atlantic Cities


When people swim in Lake Erie, they're frolicking not just among perch and walleye but a vast, inanimate presence of garbage.

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