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Environment & Ecology: Texas' Drought, SF CEQA Concerns & State Reform, Parks & City Size, Cows In Kenyan Cities, Imagining New Urban Nature


Getting Serious About Texas' Drought 

San Marcos Mercury


Something odd happened here last week. It rained. But the relief, an answer to desperate prayers, is likely to be short-lived.

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San Francisco Seeks CEQA Changes 

San Francisco Chronicle, via: @sfcityscape


Supervisor Scott Wiener has called San Francisco's environmental appeal process "vague, ill defined, unpredictable ... the epitome of bad government."

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Number of Parks and City Size Not Related 

The Atlantic Cities


The physicist Geoffrey West and his collaborators famously found that cities obey some universal scaling laws in the same way that much of biology does.

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Riverlink Idea Should be Revived in Long Beach 

LA Streetsblog


You see, there's this thing called a Healthy City-and according to the National Recreation and Parks Association, a Healthy City has 10 acres of parks for every 1,000 of its residents.

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California's CEQA Law Reform on Life Support 

San Jose Mercury News


For years, California's business leaders have lamented that the state's 43-year-old environmental law is too often used to protect everything but the environment.

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Kenyans Bring Cows to the City, It's a Problem 

The Atlantic Cities


Dagoretti, a district of Nairobi, is a maze of tin huts and wood shacks.

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Using Science and Fiction to Imagine a New Way for Urban Nature 

The Nature of Cities


Designing nature is a challenging task in an urban environment. For example, how can a 38 years old individual (myself) safely edit a 3.8 billion years old system (Nature)?

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