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Environment & Ecology: Urban Tree Value, World's Best Wildlife Crossings, Getting Smart About City Water Use


Urban Trees Provide Billions in Economic Value 

Science Daily


rom New York City's Central Park to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, America's urban forests store an estimated 708 million tons of carbon, an environmental service with an estimated value of $50 billion, according to a recent U.S. Forest Service study.

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12 Best Wildlife Crossings in the World 



Humans aren't the only animals that need advanced systems of transportation. As we build more in and around the natural habitats of animals, planners are increasingly taking into account the need for wildlife to have their own roadways so as not to end up as roadkill.

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Will Cities Ever Get Smart About Water Use? 



If the definition of insanity is making the same mistakes over and over, then many cities have taken a certifiable approach to securing their water supplies

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Watered Down CEQA Could Still Speed Up Development 

Curbed LA


There might finally be changes coming to 35-year-old California Environmental Quality Act, which is blamed for holding up myriad development and infrastructure projects (like the Regional Connector light rail, for instance).

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