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Environment and Ecology: Water Innovation, Stradivarius, Trash for Energy


Golf Club Could Be Used for Flood Control

Houston Chronicle


Now that the Clear Lake City Water Authority has presented a master plan for transforming the former Clear Lake Golf Club at 1202 Reseda Drive into a flood-control facility, it will focus this year on creating conservation easements for planting and habitat creation.

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Oslo Running Out of Garbage to Burn for Energy

New York Times, via: @SPUR_Urbanist


This is a city that imports garbage. Some comes from England, some from Ireland. Some is from neighboring Sweden. It even has designs on the American market.

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How the Environment Shapes Music, Stradivarius

Bldg Blog


I have to admit to a certain, by no means small, amount of obsession with the various quasi-scientific hypotheses for why Stradivarius violins have their so-called “perfect” sound

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How Milwaukee Became the Water Innovation Hub



The world needs water. Milwaukee not only has lots of it, but it also has transformed itself into a hub for water research and technology.

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How the Crows Made Me Fall in Love w Where I Am



It is fitting that we gather here — in the light and air of Los Angeles and on its good earth — to commence another starting point in your lives and to celebrate what you have achieved.

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