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News: $1 Trillion US Infra Deficit, Ft. Worth Bike Sharing, Transit Performance Pitfalls, Europe's Dislike Of Cars, North Dakota's Bright Lights

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

National: US Needs $1 Trillion in Infra Investment

Governing Magazine

At a time when governments across the country continue to struggle to fund transportation and infrastructure, a new study warns that the country's inadequate spending in that area will have damaging economic impacts for businesses and residents over the coming decades...

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Fort Worth: Bike Sharing Opens in April

KERA News (via Transportation Nation)

Fort Worth is about to become the first city in North Texas to have bike sharing. Councilman Joel Burns is asking the council to waive permit fees necessary to help get the project started. A vote comes in two weeks...

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National: Top Reasons People Stop Using Transit

Governing Magazine

Nothing ruins a public transportation rider's day quite like waiting around for a train or bus that never shows up. Turns out that if it happens enough, riders will start giving up on transit, according to a new report...

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National: Port's Drive to Control Costs, Labor issues

Yahoo! News

When Charles Spencer became a crane operator at the Jacksonville Port Authority in Florida in 1971, it took at least a day for 200 dockworkers to unload 160-pound sacks of coffee from a cargo ship...

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International: China Seeks MTR for Mainland Projects

Market Watch

Chinese cities banking on public transit projects to generate economic growth are turning a hopeful eye toward publicly traded subway contractor Mass Transit Railway Corp...

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International: Are Cars Going Out of Style in Europe?

Wall Street Journal

The difficult truth for Europe's auto industry, the people who own it and the many thousands who work in it, is that Europeans are driving less and are likely to continue doing so...

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Charlotte: Downtown Yard Should Be Moved to Airport


The director of the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport says he hopes the inter-modal yard in downtown Charlotte can be moved to the airport. Jerry Orr says being able to take packages from a train to a truck and truck to train will benefit the airport...

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Detroit: LaHood in Town Friday for Major Announcement

Detroit Free Press

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is coming to Detroit on Friday to make "a major funding announcement" that is expected to involve plans for a light rail system between the city's downtown and the cultural, medical and educational center a few miles north...

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Los Angeles: USC Security Measure Upset Neighbors

Los Angeles Times (via @streetsblogLA)

Dontez Sharpley approached the entryway to USC at Jefferson Boulevard and Trousdale Parkway late at night, expecting to make his usual trek through the campus to catch a bus home after a shift at the Starbucks across the street...

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San Carlos: City Council Not Quite Ready for TOD

San Jose Mercury News

The San Carlos City Council discovered Monday night what the planning commission learned over the course of a few meetings -- it's difficult signing off on an environmental report that says the proposed Transit Village development along El Camino Real won't have unmanageable impacts...

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Toronto: Planner Pushes for Lots of Midrise Buildings

Toronto Star

One in an ongoing series on the effects of growing density on life in the city. Condo Town may be up there in the list of nicknames with Hogtown and Toronto the Good these days, judging by the myriad cranes building towers beside towers...

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Sacramento: Township 9 Project Finally Launches

Sacramento Bee

Developers and local officials today celebrated the groundbreaking for the first phase of what they say will be a 65-acre urban-infill community near downtown in the old Richards Boulevard cannery district...

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Atlanta: Beltline Sues Andrew Realty Group

Atlanta Business Chronicle

A nonprofit behind the sweeping redevelopment project known as the Atlanta Beltline is suing a Sandy Springs real estate company over federal trademark infringement...

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Palo Alto: City Debates Downtown Growth

San Jose Mercury News

Is downtown Palo Alto growing too much? This is an issue the city is starting to debate, including whether there should be a cap on downtown development. It will be a long debate, I predict...

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National: That Bright Spot in North Dakota at Night


This is odd. Take a look at this map of America at night. As you'd expect, the cities are ablaze, the Great Lakes and the oceans dark, but if you look at the center, where the eastern lights give way to the empty western plains, there's a mysterious clump of light there that makes me wonder...

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International: Chart - Most Polluted Cities of World Econ 

The Economist (via @owashb)

BEIJING is frequently shrouded in dense, yellowish smog so thick that the other side of the road is obscured. But the deadly smog that enveloped the city over the past weekend was so bad that air-quality readings from a monitor on the roof of the American Embassy said simply: "Beyond Index"...

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