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News: Charlotte Streetcar Vs. LRT, London Crossrail II Route, SF Market St. Over, DC Affordable Housing Initiative, Poverty & School Reform

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

International: Failing to Keep Track of Spending

Guardian UK

Central government must do more to keep track of the money it provides to local authorities for transport projects, the public accounts committee has warned...

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Charlotte: Foxx - Opponents Using Smoke and Mirrors

Charlotte Observer

In his most pointed annual State of the City address, Mayor Anthony Foxx said streetcar critics - such as Gov. Pat McCrory - are using "smoke and mirrors," and that some opposition stems from the train line serving low-income areas...

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Charlotte: State Rs Backing McCrory on LRT/Streetcar

Charlotte Observer

Tension between state Republicans and Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx over transit money escalated Tuesday when four lawmakers accused the mayor of "bad faith" and suggested the state might reconsider its funding of light-rail extension...

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International: London Crossrail II Route Revealed

Business development forum London First has published its proposals for Crossrail 2. The group, which is chaired by former Transport Secretary Lord Adonis, has set out recommendations for constructing a south-west to north-east line across London...

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National: Fuel Economy Comes Under Scrutiny


AS A rule of thumb, the average number of miles most American motorists get per gallon is a good mile or two less than the "combined" figure printed on the window stickers fixed to new cars in dealers' showrooms...

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San Francisco: Market Street Overhaul Rethinks Mission 

San Francisco Chronicle

Remaking one of the city's busiest streets could involve banishing buses from downtown Mission Street and redesigning the thoroughfare to make travel safer and easier for the city's growing number of cyclists...

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International: Jakarta to Decide on Urban Railway

Wall Street Journal

Businesses are waiting for word next week on whether Jakarta will build a state-of-the-art urban railway, a move analysts say would be a signal the Indonesian capital may finally be getting serious about tackling costly infrastructure problems...

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DC: Mayor Pledges $100M for Affordable Housing

Washington City Paper

With the District being flush with cash, city officials have been talking up the need to make a new investment in affordable housing. At his State of the District address tonight, Mayor Vince Gray is promising just that, committing to a $100 million investment to create and preserve 10,000 affordable housing units...

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National: Which US Cities Have Best "Urban Forests"

International Business Times

When it comes to making a commitment to green spaces, one conservation organization's new study finds that some of America's cities are doing a much better job than others...

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Memphis: Econ Development Through Entrepreneurship 

Memphis Daily News

Last week we visited downtown Las Vegas to tour and learn more about what Zappos founder Tony Hsieh is doing to stimulate entrepreneurial activity and urban revitalization through his Downtown Project initiative...

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National: Why Concentrated Poverty Hurts School Reform

Washington Post

Until very recently, policymakers ignored the effect that concentrated poverty has on student achievement...

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