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News: Commuter Rail Tax District, 10 Transpo Project To Watch, SF Developer Tax Breaks, Auckland Infrastructure Problems

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

Fort Worth: Rail Supporters Seek Special Tax District

Fort Worth Star Telegram

Private developers who want to build a commuter rail line from southwest Fort Worth to Plano will ask state lawmakers for a special tax district to collect money off the route in 13 cities, officials briefed on the plan say...

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International: China to Boost Urban Transport

Bloomberg News

China pledged measures to ease traffic congestion with a goal of public transport accounting for 60 percent of all motor vehicle use in towns and cities...

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New York: Subway Deaths Haunt drivers

New York Times

Late one December morning in 2005, Tracy Moore was pulling her R train into the Steinway Street station in Queens. It is a sloping stretch of track, undulating "like a roller coaster," Ms. Moore said...

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Boston: Transport Grapples with Frigid Temperatures

Boston Globe

Single-digit temperatures Thursday morning - the coldest day in almost a year - sparked a slew of transportation delays around the region, leaving riders disgruntled at late arrivals and missed appointments...

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Cincinnati: Streetcar Delayed Again, Will Open Later

Cincinnati Enquirer

The Cincinnati streetcar, the $110 million-plus project that city leaders once hoped to have completed last year, will not be ready for riders until at least the spring of 2016, new city records show...

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DC: A Top 10 List of Transpo Projects to Watch

Washington Post

Americans may be rethinking what they want their 21st-century transportation system to look like when it grows up, but in the D.C. region, we still want it all: Better highways and trains, faster buses, new streetcars and more bike lanes...

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Research: Mental Health Effects of Housing Tenure

Urban Studies Journal (Abstract) 

Housing tenure sits at the heart of much academic and policy literature across many post-industrial countries, and, while debate is often centred on promoting tenure choice, surprisingly little is known of the underlying ways that the tenure chosen can affect health...

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Research: Transport, Regional Concentration, Growth

Urban Studies Journal (Abstract) 

'New Geographical Economy' suggests an inverted-U-shaped relationship between transport costs and regional economic concentration...

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DC: New Carrollton Metro Station's $1B Investment

Three months after the state's plans to relocate the Department of Housing and Community Development's headquarters to a planned complex at the New Carrollton Metro station fell through, Prince George's has a new contender for the project...

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Minneapolis: Mayor Blazed Creative Path for Economy

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak didn't come into office as the economic development mayor. But that doesn't mean that Rybak, who has announced he will not seek a fourth term, has no economic development record...

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National: Map Lover's Career Track Not Regular One

Washington Post

I always loved maps. We took driving trips as a family in a big, old 1970s station wagon. I loved sitting up front with the map and seeing where we were going. My career route did not follow a linear path...

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San Francisco: Developers Like Mid Market Tax Breaks 

San Francisco Examiner

In an unexpected move, developers in San Francisco's mid-Market Street neighborhood are applying for a tax break put in place for Twitter and other tech companies...

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International: Auckland Faces Infrastructure Problems

The Aucklander

Three to four people will arrive in Auckland every hour, based on the next 30 years' population projections. Auckland Council chief economist Geoff Cooper says the city's growth is far outstripping the rest of New Zealand. ..

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San Antonio: HemisFair Plan Needs Lawmaker Help

KSAT San Antonio

When Texas lawmakers convene in Austin next week to start their biennial task of crafting new legislation, they'll be asked to consider some bills that would directly impact the city of San Antonio...

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