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News: Drunken Driving Toll, Minneapolis Hypercongestion Research, Amtrak To Wichita Expansion, Tulsa Rapid Bus Plans, Memphis Switches To BRT

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

National: Rate of Fatal Crashes Involving Intoxication

Dallas Morning News (via Walkable DFW)

Dallas' rate of fatal car accidents involving drunken driving is a whopping 41.4 percent. That ranks the city No. 5 of the nation's 25 most populous cities in fatal car accidents involving intoxication, according to data from UX Blog...

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Research: Hypercongestion in Downtown Minneapolis

Journal of Urban Economics

Engineering studies demonstrate that traffic in dense downtown areas obeys a stable functional relationship between average speed and density, including a region of 'hypercongestion' where flow decreases with density...

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Bay Area: Tri-Valley Voters Sank Transit Funding

Contra Costa Times (via Abby TL)

Even the lure of millions for BART wasn't enough to convince Livermore-area voters to approve an Alameda County transportation sales tax in November...

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National: Amtrak to Wichita Proceeds

San Francisco Chronicle

Kansas transportation officials and Wichita city officials are backing a city council member's push to persuade Amtrak to expand passenger rail service to the city...

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Tulsa: Rapid Buses Would Make Commuting Easier

Tulsa World

Selena Mobley loves the idea of a sleek, fast bus cruising down Peoria Avenue. It would certainly be a change from the world she has been living in as a Tulsa Transit customer the past six years...

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Memphis: MATA Subs BRT Routes for Light Rail

Commercial Appeal

With no possibility of building a light-rail system any time soon, the Memphis Area Transit Authority is embarking on a cheaper alternative to whisk passengers along designated routes...

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Pittsburgh: Strip District Plans Move Forward

Pittsburgh Tribune Review

One of Pittsburgh's most prominent real estate developers is prepared to reshape a considerable chunk of the city's premier tourist and shopping destination in the Strip District - with or without the city's blessing through a special tax financing package...

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Virginia: Utopia in Tysons a Long Way Off

Washington Post

The proposed tax district in Tysons Corner to fund transportation projects ["Start of Tysons retrofit hasn't quieted skeptics," front page, Jan. 3] is an opportunity for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to refocus on adding housing, to turn this commercial zone into a livable city...

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Baltimore: Wells Fargo Announces Down Payment Help

Baltimore Sun

Wells Fargo is offering eligible homebuyers in Baltimore a $15,000 down-payment assistance loan that is fully forgivable if the purchaser lives in the home for five years - part of a legal settlement over alleged discriminatory lending practices by the bank...

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