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News: Identifying Road Congestion Source, VA Gas Tax Proposal, Spain-France HSR Link, Nashville Is New 'It' City

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

San Jose: Key Source of Bay Area Traffic Revealed

San Jose Mercury News

A groundbreaking study by UC Berkeley and MIT researchers has pinpointed a small group of drivers making Bay Area freeways miserable for the rest of us, though the reason may surprise you. ..

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Virginia: McDonnell Proposes Getting Rid of Gas Tax

Washington Post

Virginia would become the first state in the country to eliminate its gasoline tax under a proposal announced Tuesday by Gov. Robert F. McDonnell...

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International: Spain Completes HSR Link to French Line 

Rail Journal

SPAIN celebrated the completion of Iberia's first high-speed connection with the rest of Europe on January 8 with the inauguration of the 131km line between Figueres and Barcelona, which completes the 804km high-speed line between Madrid and the French border...

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Research: Impact of Gas Prices on Traffic Safety

Journal of Transport Geography (via Transportationist) 

The impact of gasoline price changes on traffic safety has received increasing attention in empirical studies. In this study, we use time geography to provide a theoretical framework for examining the effects of time-varying fluctuations in gasoline prices and their relationship to traffic safety in a case study of Mississippi from April 2004 to December 2010...

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Dallas: Funding Secured for Oak Cliff Streetcar Ext

Dallas Morning News

Some uncertainties remain, but it looks like the downtown-to-Oak Cliff streetcar line will be extended to near the restaurants, bars and shops of the Bishop Arts District...

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San Antonio: Streetcar Funding on Track to Vote

San Antonio Express News

The City Council will decide Thursday whether to forgo $15 million in private-sector funds for VIA Metropolitan Transit's streetcar plan, though transit officials say they can make up for any budget shortfalls with state and federal sources...

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Portland: News Report Reveals Tri-Met Shortcomings


TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane has called for an internal audit of overtime hours and promised to make fighting driver fatigue a top priority after an investigation by The Oregonian exposed what he calls "glaring" shortcomings. ..

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Boston: Are Your Town's Zoning Laws Hurting America?

Boston Globe

We hear a lot about income inequality between the richest and poorest Americans, but what about inequality between the richest and poorest states? The gap is big there, too, with well-heeled Connecticuters earning close to twice as much on average as folks down in Mississippi...

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New York: Queens Wants Own High Line

New York Times

It has been abandoned for five decades, a railway relic that once served Queens passengers on the old Rockaway Beach branch of the Long Island Rail Road...

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New York: Arch Critic Huxtable Passes Away

New York Times (via @urbandata) 

Ada Louise Huxtable, who pioneered modern architectural criticism in the pages of The New York Times, celebrating buildings that respected human dignity and civic history - and memorably scalding those that did not - died on Monday in Manhattan. She was 91. ..

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National: Nashville is the New IT City

New York Times

Portland knows the feeling. Austin had it once, too. So did Dallas. Even Las Vegas enjoyed a brief moment as the nation's "it" city. ..

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Vancouver BC: Evergreen Line Spurs Condos

The Globe and Mail

Cressey Development Group officials are hoping that the address they have carefully chosen for a planned 42-storey tower in Coquitlam will be good luck for the condo building, one in a flurry of real-estate projects spurred by the Evergreen rapid-transit line...

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Pittsburgh: Developer Drops Plans for TIF District

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

In the acreage spread along the Allegheny River, the Buncher Co. envisions a hotel, a piazza and office buildings, a project that is estimated to cost up to a half-billion dollars over 20 years...

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International: Urban Heat Islands Keep India Hot

Guardian UK

It is bitterly cold in Delhi. A bone-chilling wind has left temperatures below 3C (37F), the lowest since records began in 1969, and at least 100 homeless people are said to have died...

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California: State Lacks Manufacturing Jobs Plan

Los Angeles Times

The shutdown of a 102-year-old California manufacturing company points to a major flaw in California's industrial development policy: We don't have one...

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