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News: LaHood's Departure, Paying Per Mile, Aging Demographics & Transport, Dallas TOD Wins Award, Memphis Innovation Community

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

National: It's Official, LaHood is Out

DC Streetsblog

After a few false alarms, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has finally come out and said it: He's leaving the administration...

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National: "I Will Not Serve a Second Term"

DOT Fastlane

I want Fast Lane readers to be among the first to know that I will not serve a second term as Secretary of Transportation...

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National: Let the Transpo Secretary Speculation Begin

The Hill

Speculation on Ray LaHood's replacement as President Obama's Transportation secretary is focusing on a group of former transportation officials and 2012 presidential campaign surrogates...

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National: Pay Per Mile Tax Could Come, But Not Soon

Transportation Nation

As federal and state governments struggle to adequately fund their transportation networks, a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax has potential to increase revenues - but the establishment of the tax is probably years away...

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National: Senior Citizens Drive Infrastructure Spending

Politico (via Smart Growth America) 

It's no secret that America's population is getting old. And aside from figuring out the future of Medicare and Social Security, policymakers have another big challenge: helping older people get out and about...

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Boston: T Conductors Get Special iPhones for Updates

Boston Globe

When a commuter rail train is delayed, riders with smartphones often know more about what is happening than their conductors, armed only with ­radios...

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International: Britain Pushes Forward with HSR Link


Britain's government pressed ahead on Monday with a planned high-speed rail link that is opposed by many of its own lawmakers, striving to show it is committed to projects that will eventually revitalise a moribund economy...

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Baltimore: CSX Intermodal Facility Starts in Fall

Baltimore Business Journal

CSX Transportation hopes to finalize plans for the proposed South Baltimore intermodal facility by spring as the company continues to work with the state to pay for the project...

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Bay Area: Samsung Campus Trying to Fix Silicon Ills

LA Times

First-time visitors to Silicon Valley are inevitably disappointed when they arrive at the world's leading center of innovation...

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Dallas: UT Dallas TOD Plan Wins Award

Universiy of Texas at Dallas

UT Dallas' master plan for a mixed-use development near the proposed Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Station on the Cotton Belt Rail Line has earned a Dream Study Award from the Greater Dallas Planning Council...

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Research: Plantation Urbanization in Colonial Americas

Journal of Urban History

Customarily, studies of urbanization in early British America have concentrated on its northern mainland seaports. This article moves beyond a thirteen colonies perspective to define and explore a Greater Caribbean urban world, with Charleston, South Carolina, at its most northerly point...

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National: Immigration Reform Includes H-1B Changes

Seattle Times

A group of Senate Democrats and Republicans on Tuesday proposed a significant expansion of the controversial H-1B visa program. The bill would lift the cap on high-skilled foreign workers far beyond what Microsoft and other high-tech employers had hoped for...

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International: Cabinet Oks Tax on Vacant Lands

Times of India

All vacant lands in urban parts of the state would now come under the purview of tax. Lands located in municipal areas on main principal road, main road or other roads would be charged Rs 5, Rs 4 or Rs 3 per square feet, respectively...

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International: 90 Smart Cities to Rise in Mainland

The Standard

China selected 90 cities and counties as the first batch of pilot destinations for smart city construction, involving a total investment of about 500 billion yuan (HK$622.79 billion) during the next three to five years...

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International: Egypt Paying the Price for Urban Neglect

Telegraph UK

People looking at the scenes of chaos coming out of Egypt may be tempted to think that the revolution of two years ago has failed...

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National: Memphis Mayor Building Innovation Community

Wall Street Journal

Memphis is an authentic sprawling southern city with grit, character and loads of potential. Can startups be successful here? Absolutely!..

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