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News: Legislating Active Travel, China & Iran HSR Deal, Neighborhood History & Transit, Cincinnati Streetcar Cost Lawsuit, LaHood Defends HSR Plans

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

International: Active Travel Law to Boost Walk/Bike


One group said the Active Travel Bill had the potential to be one of the most effective public health interventions since the creation of the assembly...

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International: China Could Approve Joining Iran HSR


China's State Copuncil approved plans to take part in the building of a high-speed railway line in Iran, two people familiar with the matter said...

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Calgary: City May Look to Streetcar History for Future

Calgary Herald

Inner-city denizens' dream of a Calgary streetcar system comeback could take a very, very small step forward next week...

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Houston: Neighborhood History Should Dictate Transit

Houston Chronicle

East End has a bona fide history and sense of place; its challenge is to encourage development and retain that history...

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Cincinnati: Duke Sues City Over Streetcar Cost

Cincinnati Enquirer

Duke Energy, arguing that a Cincinnati ordinance that would require it to pay to relocate utility lines for the streetcar project is unconstitutional, has filed a lawsuit in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court seeking to shift that estimated $15 million cost back to City Hall...

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International: Italy's HSR Tunnel Fraught with Protests

BBC News

After 20 years' delay because of opposition from locals and environmental campaigners, work on the Italian side of a high-speed rail tunnel designed to link Turin with Lyon in France has finally begun...

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National: LaHood Defends HSR Plans


Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood mounted a forceful defense Tuesday of President Barack Obama's investment in the country's long-neglected passenger rail service, making what may have been one of his final speeches as a member of the Cabinet...

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Raleigh: New Development Code Aims to Remake Core

News and Observer

To see where Raleigh could head in coming decades, look to the rapidly growing east side of the North Hills community...

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National: How to Thrive, Short Commutes


Many people believe that happiness comes from money or youth or beauty, but Dan Buettner would respectfully disagree. Buettner visited some of the happiest places on Earth and argues that the real keys to happiness lie in fundamental, permanent changes to the way we live...

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San Francisco: Urban Housing That Fits In

San Francisco Chronicle

"Infill housing" is one of those phrases that planning geeks love, shorthand for any residential development that doesn't include cul de sacs on land where crops were farmed last year...

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