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News: Oklahoma Streetcar Plans, Atlanta Transit Plans, PPPs In India Tested, Does TOD Make A Difference

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

Oklahoma City: Streetcar Plans Scrutinized

News Oklahoma

The groundwork for a streetcar proposed for downtown Oklahoma City has come under scrutiny from several members of the city council...

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Atlanta: Transit Plans Slowed, Not Stopped

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Despite this summer's failure of the regional T-SPLOST referendum, there's still one place where big new mass transit plans are cooking: the city of Atlanta...

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New York: Could Locomotive be Under Atlantic Ave?

Brooklyn Paper

High-tech scientific testing detected a 20-foot-long metallic "anomaly" below Atlantic Avenue - adding coal to fire of an urban legend centered around a 19th century steam locomotive rumored to be buried inside a long-abandoned tunnel...

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International: India's Reliance on PPPs Tested


THERE is still time for free-market types to enjoy the journey in India that will make them feel the smuggest-that from Delhi to Chennai, the southern city of 9m people once called Madras...

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International: More Metro Systems Going Underground


THE world's first underground train, on the world's first metro system, travelled the three-and-a-half miles from Paddington to Farringdon on January 9th 1863. Then, as now, Londoners queued to get aboard the packed carriages...

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Richmond CA: Chevron and City Hit a Rough Patch

New York Times

The Chevron refinery's massive oil storage tanks sit on the hills overlooking this small, impoverished city in San Francisco's East Bay. Painted earthen red to blend with the natural surroundings, the tanks cannot help dominating the city's skyline, much the way the oil giant itself has long shaped Richmond's identity, economy and politics...

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Research: TOD Benefits of the Riverline


NJ Transit's River Line opened in March 2004, providing daily one-seat light rail service between Trenton and Camden. The 34-mile line roughly parallels Route 130 and makes 20 station stops in 13 communities in Camden, Burlington, and Mercer Counties...

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Research: Does TOD Make a Difference?

TRB TRID (Abstract) 

The United States is moving into a new era of metropolitan development and form. The demographic, economic, and finance drivers that made America a suburban nation have run their course. America will see a shift toward infill and redevelopment...

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Research: Neighborhood Crime and Access Mode Choice

TRB TRID (Abstract)

There are considerable environmental and public health benefits if people choose to walk, bicycle, or ride transit, instead of drive. Threats posed by possible criminal activity in a person's home neighborhood can play a major role in their decision to drive, take transit, walk or ride a bicycle, even over short distances...

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International: Inside Fukushima Ghost Town

BBC News (via @tdechant)

It is nearly two years since Japan's nuclear disaster at Fukushima and thousands of people who lived near the plant have still not been allowed to go home...

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Los Angeles: Lankershim Blvd Rides to Prominence

Los Angeles Times (via LA Streetsblog)

Twenty years ago, nobody would have included Lankershim Boulevard on a list of the most significant streets in the San Fernando Valley...

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Research: Linking Charter Schools and Revitalization

Journal of Urban Affairs

The link between neighborhood quality and school quality is long-standing and well established. Over the last two decades there have been several federally sponsored initiatives aimed at revitalizing the urban core..

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Redwood City: Neighboring Cities Fret Housing Boom

San Jose Mercury News

While other Peninsula cites are grumbling about state mandates designed to encourage local housing development, Redwood City is working to get more homes built within its boundaries...

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National: HUD and Census Release Datasets

Herald Online

Nearly 20 percent of recent movers identified "convenience to job" as the most important factor in their choice of neighborhood in 2011, according to the American Housing Survey, the definitive source of information on the quality of housing in the United States...

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International: Booming Land Prices Along MRT System

The Nation

Land prices in the Rattanathibet, Wongwian Yai, Bang Khae and Phetkasem areas will increase significantly when construction begins on the expansion of Greater Bangkok's mass-transit system and creates a demand to develop residential projects...

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International: Dubai Flashy, But Structural Problems

The Economist

DUBAI doesn't do discreet. The emirate welcomed in the new year with a huge fireworks display that engulfed the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, in time to a live performance by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra...

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International: Hong Kong the New Expat Hot Spot

Wall Street Journal

The trains haven't started running through Kennedy Town yet, but this historic neighborhood on the western edge of Hong Kong Island is already humming...

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International: Rise of the Incredible Shrinking Home

Toronto Globe and Mail

As the economy and changing mortgage rules squeeze Vancouver buyers, developers - and the municipalities that regulate them - are responding with shrinking homes...

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National: Did Lead in Gas Lead to Rise and Fall of Crime?

Mother Jones

If econometric studies were all there were to the story of lead, you'd be justified in remaining skeptical no matter how good the statistics look. Even when researchers do their best-controlling for economic growth, welfare payments, race, income, education level, and everything else they can think of-it's always possible that something they haven't thought of is still lurking in the background...

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