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News: SF Parking Opposition, Helping CTA's BRT Plan, High Gas Cost Share, Next DOT Secretary, Ban On Bikes Lifted

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

San Francisco: Sierra Club Opposes SF Parking Proposal

SF Examiner

Developers of residential projects would be able to exceed parking caps by adding spaces designated only for car sharing, under legislation that advanced out of committee Monday...

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Chicago: CTA's BRT Plan Gets Help from Rockefeller

Chicago Now  

The CTA's efforts to develop a meaningful and successful bus rapid transit (BRT) system got a nice shot in the arm last week with another $1 million in financial support from the Rockefeller Foundation for research, technical support, project management and community engagement..

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National: Gasoline Costs Highest Share of Income Ever

The Hill

Trips to the gasoline pump in 2012 and 2008 took their biggest share of U.S. household income in several decades, according to the federal Energy Information Administration (EIA)...

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National: Secretary V? Not So Fast

DC Streetsblog

A favorite for transportation secretary has stepped out of the race. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa released a statement late Friday saying he is "flattered and humbled" by the buzz around his candidacy but is "firmly committed to remaining in LA and finishing [his] term."..

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National: Obama Leans Towards Hersman for DOT Sec

The Hill

President Obama is leaning toward National Transportation Safety Board Chairwoman (NTSB) Deborah Hersman as his pick to run the Department of Transportation, according to a report...

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National: What Would Cutting Edge Transpo Look Like?

National Journal Transportation Experts

Who knows what the kids are going to come up with next? Some of them think owning a car is a big bother and would rather rent or borrow one...

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Colorado: Bikes Allowed Back in Black Hawk

Denver Post

The Colorado Supreme Court has overturned Black Hawk's ban on riding bicycles, ruling that bicycles are a matter of state and local concern...

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Charlotte: Mayor Presses for Streetcar, Tax Hike

Charlotte Business Journals

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx lashed out at his predecessor and the Republican-controlled state government on Monday during a state of the city address, which lingered on divisions of not just politics, but also race and class...

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Los Angeles: Birth and Growth of City Planning


I recently had the pleasure of speaking by phone a couple of times with Mitchell J. Silver, AICP. Silver is the Chief Planning and Economic Development Officer in the City of Raleigh, North Carolina...

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National: That North Dakota Boom

New York Times Magazine

Long before the full frenzy of the boom, you could see its harbingers at the Mountrail County courthouse in Stanley, N.D. Geologists had pored over core samples and log signatures and had made their educated guesses, and now it was the hour of the "landmen,"..

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International: Will Planning Regs Cause Tension in Cities

Guardian UK

The government wants to see empty office buildings converted to homes, but councils must strike a balance between commercial and residential interests..

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Charlotte: Leafy City Aims for More Tree Cover

Charlotte Observer

Charlotte is among the nation's top 10 cities for urban forests, says the conservation group American Forests. The results are from a U.S. Forest Service-funded survey, data analysis and expert votes...

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San Diego: Competing Visions for Barrio Logan

San Diego Union Tribune

In most San Diego neighborhoods, updating the plans that outline the area's future land use priorities comes down to density and infrastructure...

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Twin Cities: Affordable Housing Groups Push for Action

Twin Cities Finance and Commerce

To meet affordable housing goals set by the Metropolitan Council, Eden Prairie will have to add 1,844 affordable units by 2020...

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Columbus: Hearts of the Three Cs are Beating

Columbus Dispatch

Euclid Avenue was the spark in Cleveland, as a bus rapid-transit system ignited development along the important Downtown artery once lined with so many mansions it was known as Millionaires' Row...

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Pittsburgh: Castle Shannon Building Hopes on LRT

Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Castle Shannon Mayor Don Baumgarten has his fingers crossed. He's "cautiously optimistic" construction of apartments and shops at the Port Authority light rail station in the borough will begin in the spring...

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Texas: School Finance System Unconstitutional

Austin American Statesman

By raising academic standards and cutting school funding at the same time, Texas lawmakers have rendered the state's method of financing public schools unconstitutional, a judge ruled on Monday...

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