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News: Tyson's Corner Buses, Underground At 150, Houston-Dallas HSR Study, DC Focus Jobs & Activity Centers, Guatamala's Private City For Elites

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

National: Sen KBH Denies Transpo Secretary Rumors


Former Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is dismissing a report that mentioned her as a potential Transportation Secretary during President Obama's second term...

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Virginia: Buses at the Center of Tyson's Plan

Washington Post

With Metro's arrival in Tysons Corner less than a year away, mass transit is the talk of Northern Virginia planning and transportation experts. The chatter, though, is about more than trains...

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Denver: Light Rail to Golden Begins in April (video) 


RTD will be rolling out its new light rail service to and from Golden in 2013. At the moment, the route is scheduled to begin service on April 26...

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International: London Underground at 150 Years

Guardian UK

Eventually, the tunneling will surely stop. OK, we can dream up a day when the £10m boring machines now hacking out the hole where Crossrail will go are quaintly obsolete and a labyrinth of underground railway lines will be laid much further below London's streets, maybe servicing some Matrix-type subterranean metropolis warmed by the Earth's molten core...

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Fort Worth: Officials Wrangle Over HSR Study

Fort Worth Star Telegram

State and regional leaders are at odds over whether a company that wants to build a 200 mph bullet train from Houston to Dallas should be required to conduct an environmental study that also includes rail stops in Fort Worth and either Arlington or Dallas/Fort Worth Airport...

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Boston: MBTA Threatens to Cancel $190m Deal

Boston Globe

Chronic delays and concerns about shoddy workmanship by the company building a fleet of double-decker coaches for the MBTA's commuter rail line have prompted executives to threaten cancellation of the $190 million contract and possibly seek a new firm for the work...

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International: Will Metro Rail System Transform India?

Forbes India

Somewhere the equation is wrong because the moment we start talking about urban transportation, the conversation veers towards metros. ..

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Tampa: City's Trash Load Continues to Lighten

Tampa Tribune

In the trash business, the week between Christmas and New Year's Day has always been one of the busiest of the year. All those empty packages, shredded wrapping paper and castoff Christmas trees end up on the curb, waiting for the trash trucks to carry them away...

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National: DC Planners - Focus Jobs in Activity Centers

Transportation Nation

Here's a strategy for growth. Build new housing where the action is. And that means around transit lines. In the Washington D.C. area, regional planners have mapped out nearly 140 "activity centers" ..

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International: Air Quality in Mexico City Better

New York Times

This megacity of more than 20 million rang in the New Year with a pleasant revelation: the region registered 248 days in 2012 in which the air quality considered good...

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International: Guatamala Builds Private City for Elites

Minneapolis Star Tribune

The highway climbs toward the edge of Guatemala City, past deep ravines where the poorest residents of the capital live in thousands of cinderblock huts, roofed with plastic sheets and powered by black cables stealing electricity from nearby lampposts...

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Virginia: Alexandria's Rapid Urbanization

Washington Post

For many people, the character of Alexandria is defined by its historic Old Town. Some still view Alexandria as a suburb. But as its name - City of Alexandria - affirms, it is neither a town nor suburban...

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National: Are Big Cities More Dangerous Than Small?

Mother Jones

Are big cities more dangerous than small ones? Of course they are. This is so obvious that it's not even a question most people would think of asking...

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International: Beijing Air Pollution 'Crazy Bad'

New York Times

One Friday more than two years ago, an air-quality monitoring device atop the United States Embassy in Beijing recorded data so horrifying that someone in the embassy called the level of pollution "Crazy Bad" in an infamous Twitter post...

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