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News: World Bank Transport Spending, Bridge Project Divides City, Charlotte Streetcar Questions, Downtown Seattle Rebound

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

National: 'Fix it First' Fantasy

National Journal Transportation Experts

President Obama loves to invest in infrastructure. He has been asking for a $50 billion in "frontloaded" investments to repair bridges and roads for the past four years. ..

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Research: Urban Transport Spending by World Bank


Over the preceding decade, the World Bank committed about US$7.5bn in loans for urban transport projects in its client countries, involving total project costs of nearly US$13bn. ..

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Oregon: Lynn Peterson Takes WashDOT Job


Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced today the appointment of Lynn Peterson as Secretary of the Washington State Department of Transportation...

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Louisville: Bridge Project Divides a City

New York Times (via @naparstek)

Long ago, the Ohio River helped make this Rust Belt city a national pacesetter in manufacturing and transportation, providing it with an identity and an anchor. But as American life shifted toward the automobile, the river also became an impediment...

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Charlotte: Residents Have Streetcar Questions

Charlotte Observer

West Charlotte residents expressed some reservations at a public forum Tuesday night on extending streetcar service out to Beatties Ford Road...

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Boston: Stalled Development in East Boston Restarts

Boston Globe

East Boston is finally getting in on the building boom sweeping across the rest of the city...

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Research: Impacts of Mass Transit On Dev in China


Land development impacts of mass transit have long been studied in the developed economies. Yet relatively little is known by the outside world about the Chinese experience due to China's rather short history in the development of modern mass transit and land/property market...

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International: Investors Should Look Outside Istanbul

Hurriyet Daily News

As the housing supply has surpassed the demand in Istanbul, construction companies should go and invest in developing cities like İzmir, Bursa or Diyarbakır, the environment minister has said..

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Seattle: Downtown Seattle's Rebound

Seattle Times

Seattle has more residential units under construction downtown than any other U.S. metropolitan area other than Houston. This includes 6,000 apartments, one-third of all under construction in the Puget Sound region...

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