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Other Views: Gentrification Vs Aristocratization, Towns Vs Cities In NC, Suburban Jobs-Housing Balance, Whine & Parking


Nation's Gentrified Neighborhoods Threatened By Aristocratization 

The Onion, via: @nlamontagne


According to a report released Tuesday by the Brookings Institution, a Washington-based think tank, the recent influx of exceedingly affluent powder-wigged aristocrats into the nation's gentrified urban areas is pushing out young white professionals, some of whom have lived in these neighborhoods for as many as seven years.

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The Folly of Towns vs Cities in North Carolina 

Charlotte Observer


One wants to stand up, there in that area between the House and Senate chambers on the second floor of the Legislative Building, and shout, "Guys, we're all on the same side!"

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Suburbs Approaching a Better Jobs-Housing Balance 

New Geography, Wendell Cox


Suburban areas in the US metropolitan areas with more than 1 million total regional population, once largely seen as bedroom communities, are nearing parity between jobs and resident employees.

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Journalist David Gregory Whines About Parking 

Washington Post, via: Washington City Paper


Note to David Gregory: If cars are parked in front of your house for a month, send someone else to complain about it.

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Barcelona Uniforms to Feature Barcelona Neighborhood Aerial 

Dirty Tackle Soccer Blog


Barcelona's "Catalan sunset" away strip is one of the ugliest things to grace a football field since Iain Dowie, yet the Blaugrana's commitment to hideous garments will apparently continue into next season.

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